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What Color Should You Wear to Prom?

What Color Should You Wear to Prom?

Prom is approaching! Dates are being asked, gymnasiums are being purged of pigeons, themes are being decided on ("Movie Stars In Paris Under The Sea!"), and someone is going to be the victim of a practical joke and/or find true love, according to Hollywood, and why would they lie to us? This means you need to pull out your gladrags, your dancing shoes, your unicycle, and your umbrella and get your teen spirit on. But what to wear? More importantly (for the purposes of this post) what color to wear it in?


Blue is calming, so if you're likely to be a flailing nervous mess laminated in hairspray on the big night, then a soothing cobalt blue dress will at least inflame your brain less than fire-engine red. Are you a big fan of Smurfs or the ocean? Express your love in bright blue! Blue will also make blue eyes look spectacular.


All redheads should wear green all the time, forever, because it makes you look so gosh darn attractive. See? SEE? Even if you don't have red hair, green is not an average prom dress color (except at the Wood Elf Prom) so you'll stand out and look bold and original, and also like a wood elf. Something flowing and sophisticated like this would be nice, don't you think dear?


You should wear red if you want to do any of the following: appear powerful, appear confident, make people hungry, make bulls angry, or look stunning, particularly if you have dark hair or eyes. Wearing a red dress to prom is as ridiculous as wearing a poncho on a Tuesday, which is to say, not ridiculous at all, but special and wonderful.


Purple is the color of royalty. What do you think you are, some kind of royal? Oh you do, do you!? That's the spirit. Trample on some plebians in pretty, silky purple. Like this. Or this!


Yawn. No, just kidding. Except not really. But no, it's totally cool! (YAWN.) No really, if you want to wear black to your prom, you go ahead and own it. Black is classy and simple and the perfect backdrop for sparkly jewelry. Or brightly colored shoes. Or a fantastic hairdo. Or a bedazzled neti pot! Ohmigosh, black is so much fun! You should wear black.

What color do you think is best for a prom dress?

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