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Sam Claflin Is a Stone-Cold Fox (and I'm Pretty Sure Our Knees Touched, Which Means He Loves Me)

Sam Claflin Is a Stone-Cold Fox (and I'm Pretty Sure Our Knees Touched, Which Means He Loves Me)

Well butts, this is it: the last in my series of posts about my awesome, nay, EPIC interviews with the incredible (and unfairly good-looking) cast of Snow White and the Huntsman. I have been keeping this one in my sweaty back pocket, because, in some ways, it is the one nearest and dearest to my heart: Sam Claflin is the very first celebrity I met on set (and aside from Dan Bergstein, the very first celebrity I met, ever), which in itself would have been enough to earn him a spot on my forthcoming reality show, "Famous Hawt Dudes Compete Shirtless for Chelsea Dagger's Hand in Marriage"—but then he went and swaggered into my life wearing LEATHER PANTS.



So basically, I imprinted on him (YES, JUST LIKE IN TWILIGHT) and now we're fated to be forever-buddies and the dress code at our wedding ceremony will require that you purchase a sombrero and a glitter gun, so you should start prepping accordingly.

NOW THEN, let me give you all the delicious deets of our first meeting. Myself and the other bloggers arrived on the gorgeous forest set and were taken to a cozy trailer to wait for our first interview. I was out of my mind with nervousness, and also exceptionally cold, because I'd decided to wear my "I am a fancy professional who is definitely not about to barf on herself!" jacket, despite the fact that it was 35 degrees and raining. My teeth were chattering, I wasn't entirely sure how to turn on my recorder, and I suddenly couldn't remember how to pronounce the word "Hello" (are the l's silent?). But when Sam Claflin stepped into the trailer, wearing a Faramir-esque knee-length coat and the aforementioned LEATHER PANTS, his face lit up by a giant, genuine grin, none of that mattered. Being in the same room as Sam Claflin is a lot like getting accepted into Hogwarts: you are all at once filled with uncontrollable giddiness, and all of your worries melt away, and you can also transform teapots into baby pandas just by blinking (I did this 3 times by accident during the interview, but no one noticed, obviously, because LEATHER. PANTS.)

During the 20 minutes he spent with us, Sam proved himself to be the most charismatic, charming, unbearably handsome person in the history of the world. He has a smile that would make Dan Bergstein fall to his knees and weep. His sparkling eyes caused upwards of 33 sweat mustaches to sprout on my upper lip.  He was absolutely everything a prince ought to be, plus, of course, LEATHER. PANTS. After our interview was over, we had the incredible privilege of watching Sam and his stunt double film a scene in which there were real black horses and Dark Knights and men in armor and EXPLOSIONS and FIRE and TREE-SCALING and ARROWS and I stood RIGHT THERE and watched it happen, trying my very hardest not to do victory hip-thrusts all over the place. So now, when you see this movie, and this scene occurs, you can stand up in the theater and scream "CHELSEA DAGGER WAS THERE! SHE WAS RIGHT THERE, PROBABLY DOING HIP THRUSTS! I THINK I SEE HER FANCY JACKET IN THE CORNER!

At this point, I'm sure you're desperate to hear what Sam had to say, so I shall force you to wait no longer. (But just one more thing: Sam was sitting RIGHT ACROSS from me for this entire interview. I can't be sure, but I think our knees might have touched. OUR. KNEES.)

Question: Has this role lived up to your expectations?

Sam: Very much so. It's quite a dark telling of the story, so, I mean, to be able to play the prince not necessarily how everyone expects is kind of quite a treat, for anybody, really. So I'm thrilled. There's a definite sort of darker side to my sort of character. There's a bit of rage in him, I suppose I could say. He's a bit grittier. I'm a bit more manly, which is good—it's good to be able to have the opportunity to play something like that. I don't want to sort of delve too much into the story. Unfortunately, I can't give too much away.

Question: What about the stunts and swordplay?  Because weren't you going to—before this, you were going to be a soccer player, way back, weren't you?  And there was an injury?

Sam: Yeah. Unfortunately, I sort  of tangled it again at the weekend, so it's still  there, but I really enjoy all the swordplay, to have that sort of opportunity now and doing what I'm doing is great fun and it's kind of every boy's dream, fighting with swords and on horseback, and what-have-you. It's a dream come true.

Question: Any injuries yet for you, even little ones?

Sam: No. I think I sort of tripped over a stair, which is my own fault. I can't blame injury on that.

Question: People are a lot more interested in princes now, with the royal wedding,but you say this prince is a bit darker?

Sam: Yeah.  I mean, he's not —I mean, oddly enough, on my trailer it says "Prince William," so it's kind of nice to sort of every morning wake up and go, "Yes, I married Kate Middleton."

Question: You're not married yourself, though, right?

Sam: Yeah, no.  I'm not the kind of classic good guy.  Or I am a good guy and everything is meant in good will, but it doesn't always sort of come across that way, I think is probably the best way to describe it.

Question: Did you know Kristen prior to this movie?

Sam: No.  I knew of her, obviously. Everybody in the world does.  But no, I knew of her and been a big fan of everything she's sort of been involved in up till now. The first time I met her, we kind of had a talk, and sort of realized we had a lot of things in common.  We like the same sort of music and we have a few friends in common and so—yeah, small world.  It's such a small world.

Question: Do you have a favorite fairy tale prince or fairy tale in general?

Sam: Oh, that's a good question. I suppose I used to always like Jack and the Beanstalk—Jack and the Giant Killer, that's the film. But no, I was always sort of obsessed with Jack, because from my interpretation, Jack is a very cheeky guy, like Jack the Lad, you know the expression, but I kind of always liked the thought that there's a cheeky guy and he sort of climbed up a beanstalk and did that sort of stuff.

Question: What has been the most  difficult thing for you so far, either an acting challenge or a physical challenge on this?

Sam: I think trying not to laugh.

Question: Seriously? About what?

Sam: Seeing some of the dwarves come in in costume.  I mean, it's the actual actors playing the dwarves because they're also working hugely on the physicality of how, you know, little people walk, and it's astounding to see how they have all transformed as people, because obviously a lot of them are sort of huge big names in the English acting world especially, and I'm sort of in awe of all of them, so seeing them all dressed up and doing their stuff is quite overwhelming, I think.

Question: Who is the jokester on set?

Sam: It's probably me. The other day I think Take 1, it was a Monday, Take 1 of riding a horse on to a certain scene, I fell off.

Question: On purpose, to be funny?

Sam: No, no, no.  I fell.  I think the thought of me trying to get up again was quite difficult, so I was just laying there kind of going, "Oh-h-h."  But I remember Kris just trying to winch me back up on to my feet, and I thought, "I'm not moving.  I can't move.  I'm just going to stay here.  I'm happier."  But there's been quite a few elements of that. I've not seen many jokes happening during the filming.  When they say "Action," it's all very serious-faced.

Question: Do you have other horseback riding experience?

Sam: A little bit before this, but before I started filming, I had about two months of kind of rigorous training fighting and horseback  riding, so my confidence is growing, but I'm still not competent, I don't think.

Question: Who is more confident on the horse, you or Kristen?

Sam: I think I've spent more time on a horse.  I've had more opportunity being on a horse, being in London, so I think—'cause she was still doing Twilight, was doing postproduction on that over there, so I think she had less time to prepare, but I don't know.  I think she seems quite confident and happy enough on a horse.

Question: How do you feel in the costumes?  You're rocking leather pants today.

Sam: They're very comfortable, very bizarrely.  I sort of feel very at home, not that I own anything like this in my own wardrobe, but I wouldn't mind.

Question: Doesn't it inform your performance, though; when you get into that, you just feel princely?

Sam: Not really princely.  My character, I suppose—the prince is more of a man of war, not necessarily war, but he's big into his fighting, and he sort of goes with his head than his—he doesn't think.  He just sort of goes.  So it kind of helps me feel a bit more manly, I suppose is the word, and sort of masculine, and it makes me want to kind of gear up and get ready to go.

Question: Why do you think fairy tales are back?

Sam: I don't know.  I think they deserve their retelling.  I think the original tales are so much darker than the Disney version, so I think it's quite interesting that everyone knows them so well for the Disney style fairy tale like happy ending. I think it's quite interesting to sort of inform children today how these famous stories came about, and hopefully it does a good job—we'll have to see.

Question: Have you heard anything about or do you have any sense of what the music actually might be, like sweeping epic?

Sam: Well, funnily enough, Kris and I actually were talking the other day about trying to persuade the director to get some Enya, some classic Lord of the Rings Enya. Because we were walking through the Yorkshire Dales, up and down these mountains, and I just said, "You should have your iPhone on you and you should just play it."

Question: You mentioned that you and Kristen have some of the same music tastes.  So who are you listening to?

Sam: There is a guy called Marcus Foster, namely, I mean, because basically a guy played at my birthday, this sort of big musician who I love, and I went to go and see him at another gig, and supporting him was Marcus Foster, so I went backstage and meeting Marcus, and he was telling me about this music video that he's about to do that Kristen has just starred in, and then when I saw Kristen next I said, "I can't believe you did that. You know him and he knows you, and he knows Rob [Pattinson]," so, again, it's all this small world. So namely him, but I think—I have a feeling our sort of music tastes are very much in tune .

Question: You were telling us about your costume.  What is it like when Kristen puts on her costume?  Does she sort of go into that princess mode?

Sam: She tends to sort of not be in any princess-like costumes, which is good for her and kind of gives her that badass sort of fighting spirit, I suppose, but she looks pretty damned awesome. Thumbs up.

Question: So is your prince attracted to the more badass girl than the princess in distress?

Sam: It's like your high school sweetheart, when you haven't seen them for 10 years, even if they've put on like 70 pounds or whatever, you still kind of go, She's still the same girl that I fell in love with as a kid.  There's still that kind of ongoing passion and that thing that was never kind of finished, and so that still lives inside the prince and I think that keeps him going a lot of times that they are not together necessarily.

Set Manager:  Do you have any last questions?  Sam needs to get back to work, I'm afraid.

Sam: Do I have to?

Question: Have you had any experiences with furry woodland creatures hanging out here?

Sam: No.  I've seen a few deer, and that's about it, and there's plenty of horses running around, but other than that, I've personally not had any run-ins. I'll keep you posted.

ISN'T IT ADORABLE THAT HE'S SO CLUMSY?! AND HE LOVES LOTR TOO?! AND he's not married?! WE'VE GOT A CHANCE! I really hope you guys enjoyed these interviews, I've loved reading your comments all week!!

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