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Debunking the Agnostic Myth

Debunking the Agnostic Myth

PlathAddict16 is one chilled-out agnostic neutron, and she wants to clear up some misunderstandings.–Sparkitors

I thought I might shed some light on what life looks like from the vantage point of a lost sheep—better known as an agnostic. But first, let’s get a few things straight:

I'm not an atheist. I'm also not attacking people who are religious; my friends hold a plethora of different faiths and beliefs, and to them I say: Rock on! This post is not about converting (unconverting?) you. It is, however, meant to address some of the most common misconceptions people have about my agnostic brethren.

Agnostic=Atheist? This statement=fail. If all the world’s an atom and all men and women merely subatomic particles, think of agnostics as neutrons. We float about and hang with everyone, because we’re chill that way. We prefer to say, “Maybe yes. Also, maybe no. Who knows?” then casually sip our sweet tea.

Nonreligious people grind their teeth in rage when religious holidays come around. So not true. The only ones I ever notice are Easter (also known as "the one day occurs at random in the spring) and Christmas (Boxes! Ribbon! Paper cuts!). And honestly, you don’t have to be religious to love Christmas and get excited about the thought of people all over the world being nice to each other, or to gleefully spend time hunting for hidden candy. So are we missing the true point of the holiday? Depends on what you think that point is.

We cheered when Marilyn Manson ripped up the Bible. Not going to lie, I'm a Manson fan. But that was not cool on so many levels. People seem to use that act as the basis for their opinions of heavy metal and rock bands in general, and forget that at the end of the day, all these people care about is getting a bazillion hits on Twitter. Their actions may not necessarily reflect their own opinions or, for that matter, anyone else’s.

And now for the two most common questions we agnostics get:

Why? This is the number one question I get all the time, sometimes accompanied by a horrified glance. I generally turn the question back to the asker. Let’s just say that faith is not something that comes to everyone. There are people who like to believe there is a grand plan: that if you are good, you get the ultimate cookie, and if you are bad, you get the mother of all time-outs. This is a good system, if it exists. But if is the operative word here: I'm a person who believes in evidence and microscopes for all. And that has a profound influence on my religious opinions.

Aren’t you scared that you're going to burn in hell? This is a sticky issue, because some people genuinely believe that I will. Here’s how I see it: If there's a God who created everything, he made me, right? He made my brain, knowing exactly what he was putting in it. So why would he punish me for using it? Why would I get into trouble because I am of the opinion that it is most rational to be neutral? Isn’t that a lot better than paying lip-service to something I don’t really believe in?

Let the rational, attack-free discussion commence!

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