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The Cutest and Coolest iPhone Cases, Just Because

The Cutest and Coolest iPhone Cases, Just Because

New year, new iPhone case. It’s funny how something so little can make you so happy. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself, Sparklers.

1. Fleur by Amy Sia, $35

This floral iPhone case is super girly, pretty, and springy.

2. Flame by Jonathan Adler, $24.95

This chevron-esque Jonathan Adler case is cool and chic in purple and turquoise.

3. Blossom by Switcheasy, $34.99

This case features a unique sculptural design of raised flowers. The Blossom style also comes in black and white, in case the pink sculpted roses are simply too girly for you.

4. Chateau by Switcheasy, $34.99

By the same company that makes the Blossom style, Chateau also features a raised design–this time with cute little houses.

5. Pastel skin, $15

Okay, this one isn’t technically a case, but it’s too crazy and cool to pass up. I mean, what. is. going. on. here.

6. Bamboo case by Vers, $24.99

Anyone who has this phone case will look cool and mature and make everyone fall in love with them. KNOCK ON WOOD.

7. Thermo Snap Case by incase, $34.95

This case is so awesome–it changes colors like a mood ring. We would never stop playing with it.

8. Jack Spade Book Cloth Case, $40

This case is technically a “guy” case, but we think anyone can rock the classic tweed this case emulates.

9. Customizable Chevron at Etsy, $39.99

This Etsy seller lets you customize the colors of your case, which makes it even more fun and unique. Lime green? Cobalt? Citron? They’ve got it.

10. Kitty by Hayden-Harnett, $39.95

Be a chic cat lady. This case features the designer’s super cute kitty print in a smoky gray.

11. Stacks by Case-Mate, $35

This case features interchangeable pieces, meaning you can arrange the blue pieces in any order. Not only are they rearrangeable, but they come with a couple extra slides for extra-customizability. Which is extra-cool.

12. Ron Swanson, $35

Because, what list would be complete without Ron Swanson?

13. Multicolor Sequin Case, $39.95

But seriously, what list would be complete without GLITTER?

Which is your fave? And what's on YOUR case?

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