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French Film-y Fashion

French Film-y Fashion

With Valentine's Day coming up, I've been enjoying the sappier-than-usual selection of movies that have cropped up on Netflix, cable, etc, in honor of the holiday. (Sense and Sensibility, you guys: I don't care where you are or what you're doing, you need to stop and watch this right now—if only for the bizarre-yet-enthralling spectacle of Alan "Professor Snape" Rickman reading romantic poetry and looking like a total fox.) Which is why, though I have no plans for Valentine's Day that require any sort of dressing-up, this week's outfit was inspired by all things love-related—and some serious meet-cute-itude from the charming land of French rom-coms.

One of the most fashionably inspiring films I've watched in this week of romances is Amélie, which features Audrey Tatou sporting the ultimate short-banged bob and skipping around Paris in chunky boots and swooshy skirts. Her look is totally gamine and gorgeous—combining a sort of rugged little-girlishness with a more grown-up, feminine vibe—and it's impossible to watch the movie (like I just did) without wanting to copy it (like I am so doing right now). Unfortunately, it's a hard style to duplicate if you're not a) French, b) waifish, and c) armed with a confab of quirky supporting characters and carefully-designed sets to complement whatever you're wearing... but with a classic boatneck sweater, a drapey skirt, and my hair flipped up just so, I think I did reasonably well. And the one part I couldn't find a good stand-in for from my own closet —those clunky, low-heeled, Doc-Marten-esque shoes—just gives me one more reason to finally give in and jump on the oh-so-trendy combat boot bandwagon while they're all on sale. (I'm especially digging this pair from Charlotte Russe.)

And voila! It's the Frenchlady look of love, just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day. Or, in my case, to eat pizza on the couch while watching Die Hard, because we take romance very seriously around here.

Head to toe: Sweater and skirt, H&M; tights, American Apparel; boots, Madden Girl (via DSW); bracelet, vintage.

What are you wearing for Valentine's Day?

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