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Why iPods Are Better Than CDs

Why iPods Are Better Than CDs

crazywritergirl fires off a rebuttal to Metalhead's post—and she's got some powerful ammunition!—Sparkitors

Greetings, my sparkly compatriots!  Yesterday I saw a post from Metalhead that basically attempted to tear apart the foundation of all that I hold true and dear—more specifically, it stated that CDs are better than iPods. All I have to say is…LIES! iPods are sixteen ½ gajillion times better than CD’s ever will be. And here are some reasons why:

- I can use iTunes to pick and choose my favorite songs from a CD. Love Rihanna’s LOUD album but get that weird crawly sensation whenever you hear S&M? Well here is your solution!

- I can be discreet in my musical preferences. Let’s face it Sparklers, there is a time and place for everything. We can’t always blast our CDs, unless you still have a Walkman (in which case, rock on, you old-school renegade!). But we can blast our iPods anytime we want; who cares about irreparable eardrum damage?

- AHEM! *does the Umbridge © throat clear* Let’s not forget APPS! I’ve never been a gamer, but then Temple Run happened.

- Spying: at some point in our lives, we have un-subtlety taken out our iPods, made a big show of turning on the music, and stuffed our earbuds into our ears. Except we left the volume off. It is amazing what people will say in front of you if they think you can’t hear them. Huzzah for spying!

- Passcodes: your pesky little siblings can steal your CDs, but they can’t break the power of the almighty passcode!

- Another amazing thing about iPods is the cases! Who doesn’t love a rhinestone rainbow creation? What would we do without those personalized photo-covers depicting our favorite pet/celebrity crush/book/cartoon character? Well? WHAT WOULD WE DO?!

Well sparkos and sparktistas, that concludes my reasons-why-iPods-trump-CDs. I hope you all feel enlightened!

We gotta say, we find these reasons prettttty convincing! Who else is a true-blue iPod lover?

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