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Why CDs Are Better Than iPods

Why CDs Are Better Than iPods

Metalhead is on a mission to save good, old-fashioned music. Are you with him?—Sparkitors

So recently I was listening to my favorite NPR radio show (yes, I'm a 17-year-old, and I listen to NPR. Don't judge), and I heard a report that major record labels plan to abandon the CD format by the end of this year.

If that's true, then the Mayans could be right about the world ending—because I LOVE CDs, and I just might destroy the world out of sheer anger if they stop making them.

"But," you may ask, "aren't digital downloads better? Cheaper? More economical?" Maybe. But there's a ton of good reasons why they need to keep making CDs.

1. You can play them in your car. I've done my share of driving while listening to music, and let me tell you, you can't control an iPod and drive at the same time. Because you'll crash and likely die. I drive a Toyota with a CD player and controls on the steering wheel, and when you want to change a song, you just hit the button. Don't iPod and drive, kids.

2. It's more fun to look for them. I once spent an entire weekend driving around town looking for one Linkin Park CD. It was probably one of the more fun weekends I've had in a long time.

3. You can usually get them very cheap. FYE and your local thrift store have a ton of epic, wacky, used CDs for five dollars or less. I got three CDs in one weekend without even spending $10.

4. They'll be really valuable someday. Like vinyl.

5. Two words: ROAD TRIPS. It's just not the same driving a long way on vacation with your iPod playing. Pop in a custom-made mix CD and you're all set for the summer.

6. They're just fun to collect and brag about. I have about 50 CDs and I'm proud. Call me old school; that's just the way I like it.

So, yeah, call those record labels and tell 'em to keep pressing the CDs!

Do you agree with Metalhead, or do you think he's livin' in the past?

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