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10 Important Lessons I Learned from Peter Pan

10 Important Lessons I Learned from Peter Pan

Just like sumsparkler, we live our lives based on the guidelines presented in Disney movies. Which is why we are changing our name to Mufasa and moving to the Serengeti. Check ya'll later. —Sparkitors

I have watched Peter Pan one too many times as of late, so I decided to write up a list of valuable lessons I've learned from the movie. Follow these closely, and they could very well change your life.

1: It is perfectly fine to put sewing tools in your mouth (Mmm, thimbles)

2: You should be afraid of shadows because they are your evil twins

3: You should sew your evil twins onto your feet if they escape, using the aforementioned sewing tools

4: All grown-ups are secretly evil pirates

5: We control an entire species of fairies with our words, so we have to be careful

6: Fairy dandruff will make you fly if you are lucky, and give you a rash if you are not

7: Do not be happy, otherwise you will get lighter and lighter until you float away and die of asphyxiation

8: Clapping and stomping your feet is a good way to revive the dead

9: Dudes that wear green tights are the good guys (I mean, look at Robin Hood)

10: You should not get up when your alarm clock rings, because you might get eaten by a crocodile

All of these are very, very true. Kind of. What lessons did you learn from Peter Pan?

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