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What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About You

What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About You

For the sake of this list, I'm imaging a (very sad) world without Pixar or live-action Disney films. So if your heart belongs to Monsters Inc. and The Princess Diaries, you won't find any insight into your cinema psyche here—sorry! Since Disney has put out 51 animated features to date, this list isn't exhaustive. The absence of your favorite Disney movie on this list says you're unique—and you may even find your movie soulmate in the comments below, just as incredulous as you are that it was skipped.

Pocahontas: You love nature and are willing talk to trees even if they don't talk back. You recycle for the sake of Meeko and Flit, and seriously think "paint with all the colors of the wind," is a way better call to environmental action than "go green."

Beauty and the Beast: You totally understood Belle's urge to page through a favorite book multiple times, and while you love the teddy bear your boyfriend got you for your birthday, a part of you will always be holding out for the gift of a giant library.

The Lion King: You really believe "hakuna matata" is the best philosophy (and you like your mantras sung by talking animals, preferably gassy warthogs).

Aladdin: You always love a rebel, and Aladdin's streetwise ways seemed way more interesting than your standard issue stuffed-shirt prince. You've often considered what your three wishes would be if you had a genie of your own, and one of them usually involves that cute dude from your AP Lit class.

Fantasia: You're a band geek, a chorus kid, someone with music notes on your backpack that you can sing with perfect pitch. When you hear "Nutcracker Suite" you think of  Tchaikovsky before you think of dancing mushrooms (but then you think of dancing mushrooms and smile. You're a music nerd, not a music snob).

Mulan: You get the pressure of parental expectations. You hope that you'd go to war to save your father, but you know you'd go to war to avoid a matchmaker. As you learned in sixth grade, relationships built on how nice your hair looks never work out.

The Emperor's New Gro0ve: When it comes to Disney flicks, humor is more important to you than musical numbers. Your inside jokes are movie lines, and you want friends who read "Me llamo es...,"  in Spanish class and whisper, "Llama face."

Hercules: You've long suspected you might be adopted, and out of all your theories about your parentage, Olyimpian Gods always made the most sense to you. Or you're really into mythology, but think the whole business would be better without the incest, adultery, and other PG-13 details Disney left out.

Lilo and Stich: You were always the odd kid out, and the only one you felt you could really connect to was your pet (or stuffed animal). And as much as you love your puppy, after watching Lilo and Stich for the first time, he paled in comparison to a talking, car-tossing companion.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: You don't need happy endings. Quasimodo doesn't get the girl, and you're ok with that. You appreciate a kid's movie that sets you up with more realistic expectations for the future.

The Little Mermaid: You never quite felt at home in your own town, and you've been counting down the days until you wave goodbye to your family on the way to a better adventure. You also wish your beta fish was as huggable as Flounder.

Peter Pan: All the best movies have British accents (see Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice for proof). Liking Peter Pan doesn't mean you're unwilling to grow up (though staring at your tax forms, car insurance, and calc homework, you sometimes think Peter might have had the right idea).

Cinderella: Cinderella just has such cathartic justice. You like a movie where the bad guys lose, the good guys win, and the prince really does show up. Plus "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" is just so catchy.

Lady and the Tramp: All your romantic expectations for life were founded on "Bella Notte." You're not going to settle for anyone but a gentleman who gives you the last meatball.

If it's impossible for you to pick just one Disney classic, that just means you're multi-dimensional and complex. ROCK ON.

What's your fave Disney movie? Do you agree with Chrissie's analysis?

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