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How to Get a Boyfriend in 7 Easy Steps

How to Get a Boyfriend in 7 Easy Steps

Looking for a BF in time for Valentine's Day? Well, if you're going around with unbrushed hair, making sarcastic remarks and totally forgetting to put on eyeliner, ur doin it rong. Allow GamingMob to explain.

How we wish we'd known about these steps when we were in middle school.

1. Know what you're looking for. Or just look for a hottie!

2. Shower. Wash your face. Basically, stop being so gross, Pigpen. Put on some mascara for a change!

3. Befriend your target.

4. Flirt—but don't overdo it. Wink in the hallway. Be subtle!

5. Tell your crush that you like him. Yes, this step is scary, but if you want to get a guy, you have to follow the program.

6. Forget #5. Get a friend to ask your crush if he likes you. If your crush says no, don't despair. He's probably lying.

7. Exchange numbers, and then manipulate your crush into asking you out.

We are 100% serious when we say this blondie knows what she's talking about. She is the braces-wearing Machiavelli of boyfriend-getting.

Do you agree with this advice? Don't knock it til you've tried it!

(via Videogum)

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