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Last Minute Les Mis Cast Change: Is Taylor Swift OUT for Eponine???

Last Minute Les Mis Cast Change: Is Taylor Swift OUT for Eponine???

You butts had a bit of a spaz attack when we informed you that Taylor Swift had been cast as Eponine in the big-screen version of one of your all-time favorite musicals, Les Miserables. But as it turns out, all that hullabaloo may have been over nothing; we just found out that the role of Eponine has been given to Samantha Barks! No one's quite sure if Taylor turned down the role or if she was replaced, and we're a little bummed to see her go, but we suspect that some of you die-hard theater geeks will breathe a lot easier after hearing this news. If you're dubious about the singing chops of 21-year-old Samantha, just check out this video of her belting out On My Own at the 25th anniversary performance of Les Mis:

Do you think Samantha is a better fit for Eponine? Is your faith in Hollywood restored?

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