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Valentine's Day for Broke People

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Valentine's Day for Broke People

Hey, brokety broke broke! Yeah, you with the dust bunnies in your wallet and the cobwebs in your bank account. Are you feeling the pressure yet?

That’s right! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you don’t have a penny to spend on that lovely SO of yours. Looks like the only thing you can afford is a one way ticket to Dumpsville, USA!

Of course, being the kind and helpful staff that we are, we couldn’t possibly let that happen to you. While the conventional paths to Valentine’s Day happiness are all paved with gold bars and Benjimans, there are plenty of creative and inexpensive ways to celebrate the day of love without putting too much of a strain on the old pocketbook.

Visit a Museum
Lucky you, Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday this year! “Why, is that the most romantic day of the first half of the week?” you are asking yourself out loud. First of all, you shouldn’t ask yourself questions out loud, or they’ll put you on medication. Secondly, no, but many museums do have either reduced price or free admission during weekdays. Do a little research and find a museum with a romantic exhibition. Then, bring along a pad of art paper and some fingerpaints, and the two of you can have a dueling Van Gogh-off. Extra points if you last longer than ten minutes before the guards throw you out!

Have a Picnic
Sure it’s the middle of winter and it’s freezing cold. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use your imagination. Valentine’s Day is all about creating a romantic mood out of nothing. So, bundle up, pack a loaf of French bread and some cheese, and head to the nearest park. Think of how romantic it would be to have an entire restaurant to yourselves. We guarantee that you’ll be the only picnickers in the park. Just be sure to pack it up if you start to lose feeling in your fingers. It’ll be hard to hold your SO’s hand if you get frostbite.

Scavenger Hunt!
Nothing is more romantic than a scavenger hunt. Also, nothing takes up more time, and therefore stretches your money farther. If you have enough cabbage for one decent present, make a day-long event of it and have your SO hunt it down. This will give you a chance to show that special someone that you remember all kinds of details about your relationship. Clues can include “Go to the spot where I face planted after trying to teach you how to roller skate,” and “Travel to the store where we were yelled at for singing ‘Yellow Submarine’ at the top of our lungs.” No matter what the gift is at the end, the day’s experience will draw the two of you closer together.

Make a Movie
Yes, you could rent a Julia Roberts flick, or go to the local cinemaplex and see any number of crappy romantic comedies that Hollywood has churned out for the masses. While you’re at it, would you like someone to pre-chew your food for you, as well? The greatest reward comes to those who work for it, and if you’re going to work on Valentine’s Day, it should be by making a movie! Write a short script, borrow a camera, and grab a good friend to help you shoot it. The two of you can create your own perfect rom-com on that special day, and when you’re done, you can edit it down and give it to your SO on your anniversary. You see what I did there? Two gifts in one. You’re welcome.

What are you doing for V-day?

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