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Five Unusual (and Unusually Awesome) Bands

Five Unusual (and Unusually Awesome) Bands

Metalhead865 introduces you to some of the best alternative music out there—and his choices are SPOT-ON. (Except for Korn. We just can't get behind that one.)—Sparkitors

If you're a Sparkler, chances are you're nowhere near what society would consider "normal"—and I mean that as a compliment. We geek out over the weirdest things and write strange stories every week, so it's only fitting that we get some really unusual, yet really awesome, bands to match our lifestyles. Get ready to get weird.

The W's: These guys only lasted for two years and two albums, but they're really talented and quite dance-worthy. They're not a rock band, though—on the contrary, they're a swing band. Yes, a swing band. Horns dominate their songs. And they're still able to make it sound fresh with songs about the neighbor getting tired of them playing their music too loud and even the amazing bowling anthem King of Polyester. This is music that both you and your grandparents will love.

Listen to: King of Polyester, Frank

Five Iron Frenzy: According to Relient K, "they were good, they were really really really good." Five Iron Frenzy was/is a ska rock outfit that mixed trumpets and heavy guitars for a unique and legendary sound. They broke up a long time ago but they just got back together and are planning a brand new album! Until then, their classic (read: 1998-2005) albums are still out there and worth a listen.

Listen to: It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, Handbook For The Sellout, and Hidden Track of Mess-Ups (this one is just some live bloopers, but it's hilarious!)

OK Go: If you're a rock and roll fan, chances are you've heard an OK Go song or seen an OK Go video. The band is known for its Brit-rock style (despite being from America), their use of weird beats and electronics, and their elaborate and huge music videos. Starting with now-legendary the Here It Goes Again treadmill dance, the band's creative music video endeavors have been called pretty freaking awesome by a lot of people (and if you don't believe me, just check out the This Too Shall Pass Rube Goldberg paint cannon video...EPIC). Their music is pretty awesome all by itself, too, but the videos really take the cake.

Listen to: Here It Goes Again, This Too Shall Pass, Muppet Show Theme Song

MGMT: One word: Kids. Despite their disturbing music video for that song, MGMT is still a refreshing and fun electronic alternative duo full of wacky beats, freaky synthesizers, and infectious choruses. Everyone knows Kids and Electric Feel, but some of their more obscure stuff is also pretty good (It's Working and Time To Pretend are fun). Their third album comes out sometime later this year, and all us weirdos are waiting with bated breath.

Listen to: Kids, Time to Pretend

Korn (or, more specifically, dub-Korn): I know I'm gonna take a lot of lip for this one, but I kind of like Korn. They have some pretty funky bass lines and very cool beats. But the weirdest (and surprisingly, my favorite) thing they've done is record a full album of dubstep-style hard rock. They feature other dubstep artists like Noisia, Excision, and, of course, Skrillex. And it's actually really good, despite what you may have heard. Perfect for raging on the dance floor or headbanging at a rock show.

Listen to: Narcissistic Cannibal, Let's Go

We're big fans of MGMT and Ok Go; do you listen to any of these bands?

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