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Who Was Your Best-Dressed at the SAG Awards?

Who Was Your Best-Dressed at the SAG Awards?

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were last night and I MISSED THEM; I couldn't get my homemade television set to work, which was a great disappointment, especially considering that I spent upwards of 3 dollars on the marshmallow antennas ALONE. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, and we no longer have to rely on ill-fated TV craft projects to get our award-show fix; in fact, none of us ever has to tune into an awards show again (unless that awards shows is "CHELSEA DAGGER WINS EVERYTHING AND A PET WHALE", in which case, viewing is mandatory). Because due to the glories of the INTERWEBS, we can re-live the magic of the red carpet the next day—through PHOTOGRAPHS. So let's get our judge-y faces on and tell these starlets and stud muffins how stunning they look.

EMMA STONE, YOU CAN DO NO WRONG. Is there anyone else who could pull off a knee-length frock with such SASS and ELEGANCE? We think not. (Also: she brought her MOM to the show. ADORABLE.) Dianna Argon, you look smashing. Love the hair, love the makeup, love the color, love YOU.

These foxy pics of Darren Criss and Harry Shum left me torn between two jokes: the first, "BREAK ME OFF A PIECE OF THAT CRISSKAT BAR" (accompanied by inappropriate hip thrusts) and the second, "I'll take one of each, please," (accompanied by a hopeful, terrifying grin and probably a restraining order).

Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz, I love you guys, but I think it might be time for a new stylist. The see-through skirt and gigantic bow just aren't doing you fine ladies justice.

CUTEST COUPLE IN THE WOOORRLLLDDDD. If I didn't adore the charming and gorgeous Emily Blunt so much, I would definitely hate her for permanently removing John Krasinski from my "Entirely Realistic Potential Future Husbands" list. Seriously, how HAPPY do they look? It makes me absolutely sick (and I mean that in the nicest, most embittered way possible).

Cory Monteith looks just dandy in a tux, but I'll always prefer him in a puffy vest, and while Heather Morris is pretty much my favorite person on Glee, I'm not entirely sure this dress suits her; it's a little too "vampire prom queen" for my taste. I'M SORRY, HEATHER. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME. YOU DANCE LIKE THE WIND.

This is the best I've ever seen Naya Rivera look; her hair is perfection, her makeup is flawless, and her dress is to die for. Lea Michele is serving up her standard diva fierceness, but I'm getting a little tired of her slit-up-to-there gowns (though that could just be my leg envy talking, as I myself have the calves of a chubby potato).

Sarah Hyland seems to favor dresses in neutral tones, but I'd LOVE to see her in some color; maybe she could get a few pointers from her stunning co-star Sofia Vergara, who probably caused all jaws within a 3-mile radius to drop when she showed up in this vibrant fuchsia gown.

I'm usually a sucker for anything with sparkles, but Shaliene Woodley's dress just didn't do it for me. Mark Salling, on the other hand, looked DEEE-LICIOUS in his dark suit, and proved once again that he's pretty much the only man alive who can rock a faux-hawk.

I adored the top half of Michelle Williams's red dress, but was less in love with the bottom. I thought Amber Heard, on the other hand, nailed it from head to toe; I can't wait to see what she'll wear next! (PS. Didn't she look unbelievable at the Golden Globes after-party?)

Jayma Mays looked fabulous in a glittery black gown, and Zoe Saldana was breathtaking in a Givenchy haute couture dress that literally just came off the runway in France. (CAN YOU TELL THAT I AM RUNNING OUT OF JOKES AT THIS POINT?! Just admire the clothes and stop asking so much of me.)

I have completely exhausted my gown-related vocabulary, so I'm just going to shout things and hope the celebrities can hear me. JESSICA CHASTAIN, YOUR HAIR IS PERFECT! TINA FEY, WILL YOU MARRY ME! AND ALSO, COOL EARRINGS!


WHEW. SAG Awards Style=ANALYZED. Now YOU get to tell me what you thought about errrvrybody's outfits! Who was your best-dressed? Who was your least favorite? If you and I had to fight to the death for Darren Criss' hand in marriage, which of us would win?

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