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What Are Your Dating Rules?

What Are Your Dating Rules?

Jan Winter—my momface—has a dating rule called The Three Questions Rule. She says if you ask a guy three questions and he doesn't ask any back, he's got to go. Too self-involved. What is this, an interview? "Nimbo maniac," is what she'd call him.

My dating rule is The Sick!Barf! Rule. There's some graffiti by my house that says "Sick!Barf!" If he doesn't think that's funny, he's not worth his weight in pudding.

Even if you've never thought about it in these terms, YOU probably have a dating rule. And we want to read 'em and publish them on The MindHut! So figure out your rule, give it a name, post it in the comments, and help the clueless nerds of The MindHut to get their makeout on.

If that's not a good cause, we don't know what is.

So, what's your rule???

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