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Our First Ever Epic Movie Trailer Round-Up (AKA Your New Favorite Way to Waste Time on Fridays)

Our First Ever Epic Movie Trailer Round-Up (AKA Your New Favorite Way to Waste Time on Fridays)

One of our most cherished pastimes here at the SparkLife office is devising various ways to make the workday go faster. It's not that we don't LURVE our jobs—after all, Harry Potter lives in our coffee machine and there's a bottomless bucket of nachos in the cafeteria (which, coincidentally, is located in the real, actual Hogwarts)—but on occasion we just want to zone out and stare at Ryan Reynolds goofin' around in a plaid shirt, ya dig? And in that vein, we've recently discovered that a Grade A method of making time fly is WATCHING MOVIE TRAILERS, an activity that is both entertaining (because, hello, they're tiny moving pictures with sound) and educational (in that you often learn critical life skills, such as how to pull off a diamond heist or punch rabid wolves or fall back in love with Channing Tatum after a terrible car accident). In the spirit of generosity, we thought we'd share some of our favorite January and February trailers, so that you too can escape from your day, 3 glorious Denzel-Washington-packed minutes at a time.

This Means War—February 14

If you were looking for the perfect Valentine's Day movie to see by yourself as you weep about your everlasting singlehood into a bucket of extra-butter popcorn, this is it. It's got bromance, tranquilizer darts, chiseled jawlines galore—and best of all, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy doin' what they do best: BEIN' SEXY.

Chronicle—February 3

For some reason—maybe the group sing-along to Price Tag, or the totally unexpected dark twist halfway through, or the abundance of cute dudes—we can't stop watching this trailer. JOIN US IN OUR UNHEALTHY ADDICTION.

The Grey—in theaters now

Liam Neeson fighting wolves with his bare hands. What more do you need to know?

Haywire—in theaters now

Confession: we actually saw this movie last Saturday, mostly due to our obsession with the delicious Mr. Fassbender. And The Fass was as tasty as ever, but we gotta say, we were BLOWN AWAY by first-time actress Gina Carono—she kicked some serious, serious butt, and did it all without a stunt double. (Plus: CHANNING TATUM.)

The Vow—February 10

Yes, we're suckers for anything with Charming Potato Channing in it. SO SUE US. But don't you think this looks SO SWEET? And isn't Rachel McAdams just LOVELY? And there are pancakes involved, so it can't be that bad? Are we grasping at straws, here? (Plus: CHANNING TATUM.)

Safe House—February 10

Besides prominently featuring the aforementioned "Ryan Reynolds in a plaid shirt" aspect, this trailer also includes a KILLER Jay-Z song, loads of espionage,  and Denzel being Denzel (which is to say, the baddest of all badasses). We're in.

Man on a Ledge–in theaters now

They basically had us with Sam Worthington—and then we saw Jamie Bell. SOLD. SO, SO SOLD.

Coriolanus—in select theaters now

It's Shakespeare, but with sexy accents, and Gerard Butler, and white-knuckle action sequences. HELLO, THIS IS SPARKNOTES. DO WE REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY WE'RE INTERESTED?

Which movies are you dying to see? "ALL OF THEM" is a totally acceptable answer.

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