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How to Make Butterbeer!

How to Make Butterbeer!

LunyLovegood is about to knock your Hogsmead-loving socks off.—Sparkitors

A while back I sent in this Open Thread picture of beautiful butterbeer cupcakes. I offered to send in the recipe, and you all seemed rather excited to get your sparkly hands on it. But before I give it to you, I must first admit one thing. Well, two.

2: I actually found the recipe online.

I KNOW! I CHEATED. Oh well. Are you mad at me? I can feel the capslock being pressed right now. But, if you want to try the cupcakes for yourself, you can find the recipe right here. Only attempt them if you're feeling adventurous, and non-flammable. As a bonus, I shall share with you my personal recipe for butterbeer, which tastes like the REAL stuff. (AKA, PURE AWESOMESAUCE!) Don't blow up your kitchen!

You Will Need:
Cream soda (I recommend regular, not diet. Regular soda just gives it a richer, crisper flavoring)
Butterscotch chips (11 oz.)
Heavy whipping cream (1 pint)
A drinking glass

Follow the instructions on the website to make the butterscotch ganache. Let it cool, and bottle it in the squeeze bottle. Next, get out a can/bottle/whatever of cream soda, but don't pour it yet. Pour just enough of the butterscotch into the glass to cover the bottom. Then pour in your cream soda. If you did this right, the beverage should fizz, and create a thick, creamy foam on top.

Congratulations! You have (hopefully) made butterbeer! Now, what are you waiting for? Drink it! And bask in its tasty glory!

YUM! We can't wait to try this! Have you ever made butterbeer? Got any other tips for us?

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