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Faye and Ash: THE DATE!

Faye and Ash: THE DATE!

Faye has got some serious dirt this week—and after keeping us in suspense all last week, we're ready to hear the news! What happened on the date?! —Sparkitors

“ARGH!” I yell into my closet, cursing my entire wardrobe for its inability to provide me with one decent top. I finally settle on a navy sweater I’ve worn 100 times before.
“Knock, knock,” JB walks into my room. “Wanna come to dinner with us?”
“Uhh, no.”
“Oooookay?” JB tilts his head like a confused puppy dog.
“Well Ash and I are kind of going out to dinner tonight,” I explain, wondering how Ash forgot to mention this to JB.
“Oh. Have fun!” JB ducks out of the room before things can get more awkward.
But I don’t have much time to worry about my (former?) fake boyfriend, as Ash appears in the doorway.
“Ready to go?”

The restaurant is nice—probably too expensive for broke college students, but moderately priced for the rest of the world. It’s also practically empty. The only other people present are a couple sitting in the front and two families that stare at us as we take our seats. We look over the menu, debating the merits of a pizza made with goat cheese and fig jam. Ash orders the salmon while I decide on gnocchi, saving pizza for another time.
“So…” I begin.
We burst out laughing.
“This is weird.”
“What do people even talk about on first dates?” he asks.
“I don’t know. I don’t exactly have a lot of experience with these things. Or any.”
So we talk about the things we always talk about: class, mutual friends, and video games. The food arrives and we both stare at my plate.
“There’s like…six gnocchis here,” I laugh, pushing the pitiful amount of food around my dish.
It doesn't take us long to finish eating, due to the midget-sized portions.
“So what do we do now?” I ask.
“I don’t know. Want to go for a walk?”

It’s about ten degrees outside as we set out on an aimless walk around campus, but we continue anyway.

“So, I’m curious…” I start.
“How long have you liked me for?” I ask, surprising both him and myself with the question.
He laughs. “I guess since November.”
“Wow,” I pause to think about that. “Why didn’t you do anything about it?”
“I don’t know. We were such good friends. I think I might have accidentally friend-zoned you.”
“No way! I thought I friend-zoned you! Gah, I spent so much time over-analyzing everything you said.”
“I must have driven you crazy with all that ‘no floorcest’ stuff, huh?”
“Uh, yeah! So what changed?”
“I don’t know. I liked what we had, and I didn’t want to mess it all up. I figured, ‘If something happens, that’s great, but if not, that’s okay too.’ But then it seemed like you were flirting with me, and we had gotten really close. And your friends kept texting me, telling me to ‘get on that.’ It was torture.”
“I hate my friends.”
“But then you said the magic words at bowling. And now we’re dating.”
“We’re dating,” I smile as he takes my hand in his.
“I think we’re lost,” I say.
“We are not,” Ash stops abruptly, pulling me back toward him. He leans his face toward mine—
“Wait,” I realize I’m still chewing the piece of gum I popped in after dinner. “Ummm…” I glance around for a trash can, give up, and chuck the gum as far as I can throw it toward some railroad tracks.
Ash laughs, and gives me short, sweet peck on the lips.
“First kiss?” he teases.
“Hey, don’t make fun of me!” I give him a playful shove and we keep walking.

After a quick trip into Starbucks to warm up with hot chocolate, we’re back in my dorm room, sprawled out on the floor watching YouTube videos. We join the floor for midnight ice-skating after that. I hate ice-skating—I’m not coordinated on solid ground, let alone on ice. But I can’t keep a big stupid grin off my face as I spend the night clinging to the wall and Ash’s hand. We leave before everyone else, coming back to my room to eat mac and cheese (since our dinner was not very filling).

And... Ash kisses me goodnight before heading back to his room.

*SQUEE* I have a boyfriend!

College Fact #14: You shouldn't waste your first kiss.
For all the NBK’s out there who are afraid of growing old and alone with 27 cats, this advice is for you. Don’t feel like you have to find some guy the first week of college (or high school) just to get your first kiss “over with.” Especially don’t find some frat guy who doesn’t even know your name. Because when you do get your first kiss, and it’s with someone you actually want to be kissing, it’s kind of like getting your very own mini happily-ever-after.

Sleep is for the weak,

Faye :)

Faye's no longer NBK!!!!! Any questions or advice for her?

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