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Alone in the Dorm? Here's What to Do

Alone in the Dorm? Here's What to Do

Have you ever seen one of those horror films where the protagonist is stranded all alone in some hotel? The hallway is empty. The rooms are deserted. Not a soul stirs. Eerie music plays.

Well, that’s sort of what it’s like when you’re one of the first students to move into the dormitory. However, it’s far less scary and a lot more fun!

Here, you’ll find all the time in the world to do whatever you want without anyone bothering you. When classes don’t start until Wednesday, and you’ve decided to move in on Sunday, you certainly have lots of time to fill. Here’s how to enjoy this perfect paradise:

Sing in the shower: Most colleges don’t offer the luxury of private showers in your dorm room. You’ll frequently find a set of showers that the whole floor has to share. Since you don’t have the showers to yourself most of the time, you can’t host your own private sing-a-longs like you do at home. But when no one else is here, you totally can! Go karaoke wild, and belt out all of your favorite tunes. No one will care if your cover of Adele is a little pitchy, dawg; they can’t hear you!

Clean and unpack: You have to get it done some time, so it might as well be before the others arrive. Sure, cleaning and unpacking may be easier with other people around, but there's something to be said for getting it out of the way as fast as possible. When you get there first, you can claim more closet space for all those clothes you got for Christmas. After the dirty work is done, you'll have a cleared mind and more time to do whatever it is you want to do.

Risky business in the hallway: It’s not what you think! Unless, of course, you were thinking about the classic scene of the 1983 movie. You know? The one with that “old time rock’n’ roll.” When no one is around, don your slipperiest pair of socks and slide all over the hallway. Bonus points if you go all out with Ray Bans, boxers, and an Oxford shirt while blasting the song on repeat.

Live in the lounge: Since no one needs to study in the lounge, you can make it your own personal introvert cave. You get to decide what to watch on the big screen TV. Go ahead and turn on Keeping Up With the Kardashians if that’s your guilty pleasure. No one can walk in and judge you. You can even make a blanket fort. Perhaps you might want to rearrange the furniture so there’s more room for activities. Solo game of The Floor is Lava, anyone?

Just relax: Now is the time to savor those last few remaining stress-free days before classes begin again. Before your reading for classes starts, enjoy a book you actually want to read, or just listen to your music—whatever calms you down. Spend time enjoying the peace and quiet, especially before all the freshmen return to ruin it all.

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