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In or Out: Carey Mulligan's Blue Shoes

In or Out: Carey Mulligan's Blue Shoes

It's Casual Friday at the SparkLife office, and on Casual Friday us Sparkitors like to take full advantage of a time-honored and beloved tradition: mocking Dan Bergstein's choice of footwear.

Last week he strutted in wearing a pair of 6-inch yellow heels, and man oh man, did we go to town with the "Mr. Banana-Foot" jokes (he couldn't stop crying for, like, 3 hours). But today Dan just wore normal lame moon boots (and one should never mock a solid pair of moon boots), so we are desperate to spit some judgement toward someone else's unsuspecting feet.

Enter Carey Mulligan, one of our very favorite actresses, who is cute as a British button and has maybe the most adorable haircut in the world. She was out and about last night at the London Film Critics Awards (along with a very tasty-looking Michael Fassbender, her co-star in the gut-wrenchingly good film Shame), and while we think her red dress is 9 kinds of fabulous, we've got a bit of an issue with her shoes.

Yes, that deep-blue hue is TO DIE FOR, and yes, if we owned these gorgeous pumps, we would wear them every day with our fleece sweatpants and replica Samwise Gamgee cloak, but stilllll, we're on the fence: wouldn't some black stilettos have been the PERFECT compliment to this dress? It's already got a pretty fierce color palette on its own, and we think that adding cerulean suede platforms to the mix just wasn't the way to go. But we're hardly fashion experts (see aforementioned Samwise Gamgee cloak), so we're leaving the vote to you, our Sparkler style mavens. Tell us in the comments: is the darling Miss Mulligan a fashion renegade and footwear rebel, or should she have rocked a pair of chic-and-classic-but-still-super-sexy black heels?

BONUS: Here is a picture of Michael Fassbender, or, as we like to call him "Mr. Tasty Cakes." It's gross, we know, but we just can't help ourselves.

Cast your vote, you style studs! What do you think of Carey's blue shoes?

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