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How to Be a Nerdfighter

How to Be a Nerdfighter

flyergirl13 has finally cleared up the nerdfighter mystery for us. Ready to decrease worldsuck?—Sparkitors

In honor of Geek Week, I'm going to tell you all about the best kind of nerd culture there is. And no, I don't mean a culture of bacteria. I mean a culture of Nerdfighters. What is a Nerdfighter?  Hint: it is not someone who fights nerds. In fact, it is basically the opposite. We are nerds who fight. As the great John Green once said, “A nerdfighter is like a regular person but instead of being composed of like tissues and cells and organs, they're made out of awesome.”

Nerdfighters fight to decrease worldsuck (the total amount of suckage there is in the world) and fight decepticons, and increase world awesomeness levels. So where did it all come from?

In 2007, brothers John and Hank Green started a video-blogging project called Brotherhood 2.0. They gained a large number of devoted followers and still post videos as the vlogbrothers.

Right now you're probably wondering, I know who John Green is, but who on Earth is Hank?
Hank Green is one-half of the vlogbrothers. He runs the eco website EcoGeek and runs a YouTube science channel called SciShow.

Either that or you're thinking, Hank Green, that awesome Eco-man! But why would I ever care about someone named John?

Well, John Green is the other half of the vlogbrothers.  He’s a YA author of many excellent novels, including Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Will Grayson, will grayson, and, most recently, The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS).

I won’t go over all the rest of the Nerdfighter vocab, like DFTBA or French the Llama, because it’s all been covered in this post.  Also, check out the Nerdfighter FAQ. Now, onto the part about How to be a Nerdfighter!

Step One: Be Awesome
If you’re on SparkLife, you’ve got this one down already, so no worries.

Step Two: Develop a Healthy YouTube Addiction
Nerdfighters connect over YouTube.  It’s the home of vlogbrothers, Hank’s SciShow, John’s Crash Course, Truth or Fail, HankGames, Project for Awesome, and so on.

Step Three: Read Books
I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty obsessed with John Green’s books. (Did you know that The Fault in Our Stars hit #1 New York Times this week?) Other authors to check out: Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld, and Bard Barkley/Heather Hepler.

Step Four: Nerdfighter Notes
One fun way to recruit new nerdfighters (besides writing blog posts for awesome nerdy websites like SparkLife) is Nerdfighter Notes.  Write up notes about awesomeness and nerdfighteria and leave them in book-store or library copies of John Green’s books. Another fun pastime is going to bookstores and seeing if any nerdfighters left one there before you. Spread the awesome!

Step Five: Meet Other Nerdfighters
This can be accomplished through usage of the nerdfighter gang sign, which is crossed arms with the hands in a Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” sign. Look for nerdfighter gatherings in your area (I bet they exist, believe me).  You’ll meet some awesome people. Honestly, the nerdfighter community rivals the SparkLife community in terms of awesomeness.  I went to one of the stops on John Green’s recent book tour for TFiOS. Imagine an auditorium of over 800 people where you could start a conversation with anyone, anyone at all, and become immediate friends.  Join us!

Step Five: Do a Happy Dance
Basically, if you want to be a nerdfighter, you are one.  Welcome to Nerdfighteria!

DFTBA (Don’t forget to be awesome).

Are you ready to be a nerdfighter?

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