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Therapy for The Rules

Therapy for The Rules

You know what’s great about college basketball? This.

We could all learn from this guy. He’s so jubilant, so joyful about his passion (which I assume is sports announcing, but it could very well be screaming "GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOSH! HE HIT IT FROM THE FREE THROW LINE ON THE OTHER SIDE! UNNNBELIEVABLE! HE’S THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE SHOT I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! SEVENTY-NINE, SEVENTY-EIGHT!"). This guy wears his feelings on his sleeve, and he doesn’t care who knows it. I want to be him when I grow up.

But you know what I wish I could be? A therapist, because it seems they never have to hear about The Rules. Ever!

Rule #31: Don’t Discuss The Rules with Your Therapist. “Some therapists will think that The Rules are dishonest and manipulative. They will encourage you to be open and vulnerable in your relationships with men, to talk things out, not to keep your feelings of love or hurt inside. …It’s great advice for solving issues with family and friends, but it doesn’t work in the initial stages of dating. Unfortunately, you have to be mysterious in the beginning of a romantic relationship, not an open book.”

Because you guys have lots more experience, know-how and college degrees than silly old therapists, right, E-Fein and Shush Little Baby? I’m so glad I can trust you, ‘cause you wrote a book! And it has many pages!

“You don’t want to debate the merits of doing or not doing The Rules, otherwise you might lose your resolve to do them. It’s hard enough to do The Rules when you believe in them, it’s even harder when you talk to people who are downright against them.” Not one, but two comma splices! (Sorry. I’m a grammar nazi. Next time I’ll try and be nicer about it, and say "GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOSH! THEY COULD’VE JUST PUT A SIMPLE CONJUNCTION ON THE OTHER SIDE! UNNNBELIEVABLE! THEY’RE THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE WRITERS I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! SEVENTY-NINE, SEVENTY-EIGHT!")

They’re right, though. It is harder to follow something religiously that you don’t believe in. But in my opinion, someone who’s not sure about a belief shouldn’t forego talking to people of other views about it. They should research their side, talk to other people, decide which view has the most factual merit, and then follow that while still keeping their minds open to other ideas.

“We suggest you try The Rules for six months before doing anything else. You can’t do The Rules and something else at the same time.”

I guess this is somewhat reasonable. But the next statement kind of counteracts it:

“If there’s anything your therapist should be helping you with regarding The Rules, it’s helping you develop the discipline and self-control necessary to do them!”

Oh yay. Now you’re telling my therapist what to do. Way to go, Idaho.

Verdict on Rule #31: Don’t Discuss The Rules with Your Therapist: Hmaybe. Because if you decide to give The Rules a legitimate try, then maybe you shouldn’t for a while and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Yehs: 6

Hmaybes: 6

Nehs: 12

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