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Quiz: Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

Quiz: Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

The Internet is simply bursting with geeks and nerds, who are all bursting with graphs and charts explaining the difference between geeks and nerds. Everyone has an opinion, but you can ignore all of them, because they're wrong. All you need is this quiz.

While there's a lot of overlap—geeks and nerds both know the answer is 42, they both know pi to a whole lot of places, they can both make a papier mache volcano—you probably already know which one you are, because Knowing Things is a core component of both geekdom and nerdery. But quizzes are fun, and it's not like you haven't finished your homework already. We've also added a third option, because we're mavericks. Read on to find out!

1. You haven't learned to drive yet because:

a) Why waste time in a car? The hovercraft you're building in the shed will be ready just as soon as you can stabilize the gravity thrusters and get rid of the rats nesting in the engine.

b) Studies (conducted by you) have shown that reflexes and spatial awareness improve after the age of 18, and also that exposure to the sneezing hordes on public transport strengthens the immune system, so it's in your best interests not to learn to drive for a few years.

c) During your very first driving lesson, you became aware that the car was upside down in a tree, and you hadn't even turned it on yet.

2. Your home-made Rube Goldberg machine failed because:

a) You didn't account for variations in the velocity of the projectiles (marbles) caused by inconsistencies in the terrain (cardboard tube) and therefore the penultimate component (Slinky) was insufficiently propelled (didn't fall down the stairs).

b) It didn't fail, you just determined that a better way of making toast would be to stand up and make it yourself.

c) You're not allowed to use scissors. Or Slinkies.

Your DVD collection:

a) Contains box sets of Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Wallace and Gromit (for the inventions), and 600 different anime shows.

b) Is organized alphabetically by the name of the spaceship. Movies without spaceships are not allowed in your collection.

c) Is regularly on fire.

Sometimes you don't want to go to parties because:

a) You're in the middle of writing a children's TV show about elemental physics, with music!

b) The proportion of people you know to people you don't know is usually too low to guarantee rewarding social interaction.

c) When you go to other people's houses you are inclined to break the toilet, get your hair caught in the door, forget to use a coaster, frighten their pets, absentmindedly rummage through their mail, say "Good, thanks" when they say "Hello,"  and accidentally sit on someone's lap.


Mostly A's: You are a geek! Your boundless enthusiasm for knowledge is matched only by your enormous collection of TARDIS keychains. People say you have your head in the stars, and you say "Not yet, but I have applied to NASA." Are you completely out of touch with reality, or just operating on a higher level than most people? Both, probably!

Mostly B's: You are a nerd! You value details and correctness. You feel that the exclamation point at the end of the first sentence is unnecessary. It only ever takes you one try to spell "unnecessary." You developed a mathematical equation for the making of pancakes. You are also fond of spaceships.

Mostly C's: Get on over here, you human disaster! Don't trip on the—oh, ouch. That probably hurt. The thing about being a human disaster is that you are quite possibly also a nerd, or a geek, it's just that your propensity to destroy everything in your path overshadows your ability to use the word "propensity." You might want to be an astronaut as much as the next kid in line at Comic-Con, but you keep having nightmares about that time your model helicopter accidentally brought down a real helicopter. There's no cure for being a human disaster, you just have to become a writer for a teen website about geek culture, and never offer to look after anyone's pets.

Which are you?

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