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My Geekiest Moment: I'm Makin' Nachos!

My Geekiest Moment: I'm Makin' Nachos!

Splogger Lauren Passell confesses her geekiest moment in honor of Geek Week! —Sparkitors

In middle school, I was quite the prize package. I wore huge rimmed glasses (because I had to) and a clip on bow tie, suspenders, and Kangol hat (by choice). Except for Mondays, when I wore a Kansas City Chiefs football jersey in honor of Monday Night Football. (I did not live in, nor had I ever been to, Kansas City, Missouri.) On top of all of my worksheets and homework I wrote: Lauren Passell, Girl of Destiny. Oh my, what a mess.

I also loved the movie Newsies, which was probably the coolest thing about me. I still like Newsies. Anyway, we had just spent several weeks learning about newspapers in school, so I brought in my Newsies VHS to watch in class. I thought this was a brilliant idea. Watch Christian Bale instead of listening to my teacher? Yes, please! You're welcome, class! I had this fantasy that my classmates, who had never appreciated my genius, thought I was totally lame, and rarely talked to me, would realize how cool I was that I knew about—and owned!—Newsies. You're welcome, I'd say as they hoisted me up on their shoulders. Lauren! Lauren! Lauren!

Not quite. This popular girl named Melissa S. approached me with a look of disgust on her face. "You brought in Newsies? I hate that movie. Thanks for ruining my life!" Oh my God I can't believe she actually said that!

But I didn't care. I didn't like her and I knew she didn't matter to me at all. I looked her right in the eye and said the most in-your-face thing I could think of:

"Oh yeah? Well I'm going to go home, and my mom and I are gonna make nachos!" I said, as I spun around on my heel and stormed away. I showed her! Who's the loser now, Melissa? Nachos!

And that's what I did. The nachos were delicious.

It wasn't until years later that I realized this was probably not something a cool person would do, which makes the whole thing even geekier.

Lauren! Lauren! Lauren!

What's your geekiest moment?

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