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Geek Week: You Were Born For This

Geek Week: You Were Born For This

We don't even have to ask you if you're ready for Geek Week, Sparklers, because we already know what you'll say:

"Am I ready for Geek Week? Uh, did the Millennium Falcon make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs? Does Samwise Gamgee like potatoes? Should marching band be an Olympic sport? Is Neville Longbottom the world's greatest living expert on Abyssinian Shrivelfigs? Does Chelsea Dagger's sweat sell for upwards of $13 a gallon on ebay? YES, YES, YES, YES, AND PROBABLY NOT, BUT IT DEFINITELY SHOULD."

You butts are the cream of the smartypants crop, the dukes of dorkdom, the dons of dweebiness—and we mean that in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY. Here at SparkLife, we know that nerdiness is something to celebrate, which is why next week, January 16-20, is GEEK WEEK. Send us posts about your geekiest crushes, hobbies, quotes, jokes, experiences, and interests; we want it ALL. And don't forget those hilarious photos of you rockin' your retainer and reinforced glasses (seriously, we would really like to see them, if only to make ourselves feel better about our painful headgear period). Now bust out your graphing calculators, your oboes, your mint-condition Luke Skywalker figurines, and your real, actual magic wands: WE'RE BRINGIN' GEEKY BACK.

It's time to get your geek groove on, Sparklers and Manklers (like, even more so than usual). Send anything and everything geeky right here, and don't forget to include your username!

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