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Fun Ways to Ask a Guy to Turnabout That Are Almost Like Entrapment

Fun Ways to Ask a Guy to Turnabout That Are Almost Like Entrapment

Haha, just kidding! It's not really entrapment, kind of. But if you're going to be brave and ask someone to Turnabout, you want to ensure the chances of them saying no are as low as possible. So let's get smart, ladies! Let's get tricky. It's what Oprah would do. It's what Jesus would do. If he were asking a boy to Turnabout. Woah! Maybe we shouldn't be going there right now!

Here are five ways that are almost guaranteed to get him to say YES, YES, OH GOD THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME AND YES! Obviously, there are certain things we cannot control. If he has a girlfriend and says no, that's not really our fault. Or if he has to participate in his Senior Citizen dance recital, that's not our fault, either. Maybe you should stick to people your own age.

1. Get your  math teacher to make lots of fake tests for your math class. Everyone else's tests will say: SHHH SUZIE IS ASKING COREY TOBIAS TO THE DANCE, JUST SIT DOWN AND SHHH! But the paper that is handed to Corey Tobias will have a million impossible math problems on it. At the end it will say: "That was hard, wasn't it, Corey Tobias? We will overlook this poor performance if you agree to go to the dance with Suzie. It's up to you."

2. On a card, write "WILL YOU GO TO THE DANCE WITH SUZIE?". Wrap that card in foil and bake the foil-covered card into an immense block of macaroni and cheese. Serve it to him on a platter, and encourage him to eat the entire thing as quickly as he can. By the time he  hits the question, he will be in some state of a food coma, and he will mostly likely say YES out of pure delusion. You to are going to have a blast.

3. Get some police men to pull him over and make him get out of his car and do things like stand on one foot, walk a straight line, and show off his jazz hands. Then, they should tell him that he will not receive a ticket if he agrees to go to the dance with Suzie. And then, blammo! Suzie jumps out of the back of the cop car with some handcuffs. Hahahaha! They can just be plastic ones!

4. While he is in gym class, steal his t-shirt from his locker. Write on it in permanent marker, "BACK AWAY LADIES, I'M ALREADY TAKEN FOR THE SCHOOL DANCE. BY SUZIE." He will either wear it around and become brainwashed into thinking he already agreed to go, everyone will convince him that he is going with you, or he will just be like, "hey, that's a pretty good idea. I've heard Suzie has some great dance moves." Either, way, IT'S A YES!

5. Fill a large bucket with baking flour, and put it on top of the classroom door right before he walks in. BLAMMO! He's covered in flour. Then Suzie comes out of basically nowhere and says, "WHOOPS! WRONG KIND OF FLOUR!" And then hands him a flower and says, "WILL YOU GO TO THE DANCE WITH ME!?" He won't be able to see who is asking so he's sure to say yes! YESSSSS!

Note: These ideas will have to be significantly altered if your name is not Suzie.

How would you ask a guy to Turnabout?

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