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Why I Love Being Tall

Why I Love Being Tall

angelfish90 likes her height, thank you very much. Werk, angelfish! —Sparkitors

I’m about 5'9", and am finally done growing. I just read vballsoccerhorsechic’s reasons being tall can suck. And I agree with some of them. But honestly, I have always enjoyed being tall. Let’s be honest here: being tall can really have some advantages.

1) People look up to you, literally and figuratively. Yes, it's annoying to stoop over to look into the faces of the little people. But your reward is watching them crane their necks to gaze up at you.

2) You stand above everyone. Personally, I usually enjoy this. I like being able to see over everybody’s heads. Height really comes in handy when searching for people in big crowds. Your family and friends will never lose you. And if you stand a head above others, they are more likely to see you as an authority figure who can take charge.

3) Guys. Yes, sometimes it royally sucks being taller than a lot of the boys in your school. But by the time we reach college, most guys will be taller than us tallll ladies. Also, being tall means that you get to be more selective about what boys you date. And that you will always get the reallllllyyy tall ones, who are the best anyway. You have an excuse for taking them.

4) Shoes. I totally disagree that heels are a problem when you’re tall. It’s up to a girl’s personal preference. I went to homecoming wearing 5-inch platforms and ended up about 6’1". And I wear high heels all the time. Being tall generally means having long legs. Which, when toned, look absolutely stellar in anything short, plus heels. Girls with shorter legs can’t really pull off huge heels. We tall girls can even wear mid-length skirts and still look hot. On the other hand, I have a friend who is 5'5" and won’t wear even small heels because she doesn’t want to be taller than guys. It’s really a personal choice. If you love heels, wear them no matter the height, because you’ll look supermegafoxyawesomehot, and you’ll stand (lol) out from the crowd.

5) Clothes. Tall ladies can pull off clothes that many average or short girls can’t. You see that gorgeous, willowy top? Miss 5-foot-nothing could never pull that one off. But we can. Tunics, leggings+ anything, long sweater, etc. Oh, and I’d like to see someone who’s 5'2" pull off knee-high boots.

I know we get told “Oh, you’re tall for your age” and “Don’t worry, models are tall” and it gets old, fast. But really, there is a reason models are tall. And you don’t have to have a perfect model’s body.  Next time you feel down about being a long-legged-lady, remind yourself that being tall rocks, and look your crush in the eye (because you can actually do that without a step stool).

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