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Stocking Up On Cozy Clothes

Stocking Up On Cozy Clothes

January is a cold, crappy, useless month... oh, except for the part where EVERYTHING IS ON SALE. Urban, Old Navy, American Eagle, J. Crew—they're all having ridiculous clearance sales right this minute, including a few double discounts on final sale stuff. So in addition to showing off my latest acquisitions (and trust me, I am taking full advantage of this opportunity to stock up on sweaters, boots, and other wintry wardrobe staples), I've put together a roundup of some cute, cozy, and altogether-reasonably-priced things from this month's marked-down merchandise.

But first, some new winterthings! More specifically, a fairisle sweater and a spankin' new pair of wedge ankle boots, paired with my favorite dark wash skinnies and peacoat. I love the look of the skinny-ieans-with-booties combo on other people, but I've had a tough time pulling it off myself without looking stumpy; fortunately, these boots are a wee bit angled at the ankle, which creates a more flattering line. And this sweater has a super-wide neck and is meant to be worn off-the-shoulder, which is an interesting twist on the classic fairisle pullover. And oooh, it's soft. Highly recommended. And cheap!

Which brings me to this: a few favorite things from around the web, for your gratification.

Keep an eye out for American Eagle's winter sale, in which they discount any clearance merchandise by an extra 40% of the marked price; just add it to your cart and then cackle maniacally at how tiny your total is. (The double-discount comes and goes, so wait for a moment when it's on.) Click over for cute cold-weather accessories and ultra-soft angora blend sweaters. Including the one I have on right this minute.

Urban Outfitters is having its usual massive January markdown. Personally, I'm about to click "order" on this sweater—once I decide whether I'd prefer the amorous swans, or the creepy, peeping raccoon. Also, these boots? Great deal.

Old Navy has marked down most of its winterwear, and even the non-marked-down stuff is typically inexpensive—which means that you can buy a cropped trendy sweater with cute pom-pom accents, and a so-ugly-it's-awesome sweater to cocoon yourself in, AND some boots that look like a sweater, because SWEATERS FOREVER. (Note: if you've got an Old Navy near you, go there in person for even bigger discounts; that same cropped sweater that's on sale for $15 online can be had for just $7 in the store.)

And finally, delia*s has all its winter stuff on sale, so don't miss the crazy markdowns on their trademark peacoats. I bought the one I'm wearing above during the January sales last year, and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. (What? Oh, no, it's not that I don't know that delia*s clothing is intended for 15 year-old girls. It's that I just don't care.)

(Head to toe for the outfit above: coat, delia*s; hat, H&M; sweater, American Eagle; jeans, F21; boots, Madden Girl via DSW.)

Did you spot something cute on sale for this month? Link it up in the comments!

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