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New Series Alert: Blogging My Bucket List

New Series Alert: Blogging My Bucket List

Talie's back with a new goal for 2012: complete her bucket list! We think that's a pretty good idea, what with the world ending this year and all...—Sparkitors

Well, it’s finally here. 2012. Why do I feel like I barely made it out of 2011 alive..? Oh yeah, because I DID. To be honest, the last few weeks of November/December turned into one giant blur of confusing-ness and drugs.

And by drugs, I mean all the inhalers and pills that I had to take due to my pneumonia.

But anyway, like most people, when 11:59 p.m., on December 31st rolled around, I was in a deep state of pondering my past year—the triumphs, such as finishing the Boy Diet and asking Drummer Boy to prom—and the completely embarrassing yet still hilarious situations that can only be described as “learning experiences.” Such as having a giant crush on someone who ended up getting engaged. Oh, and lets not forget the whole creepin’ in the creepiest of places to watch DB’s band play. Apparently, Grade A stalking was a typical thing for me.

Anywho, during that one minute before midnight, not only did Justin Bieber flash across the TV screen (don’t ask—I was forced into it), my whole year flashed before my eyes. And it was a pretty amazing flashback. I realized that I did everything I could to make it a fan-freakin-tastic year and, not to toot my own horn or anything, I succeeded in making it TOTALLY AWESOME.

Then midnight struck in a very non-Cinderella-y way. And I realized something else—last year was like a chaotically awesome combination of AVPM, Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, She’s The Man and What A Girl Wants (the TV show) all rolled into one.


Then, it hit me like a cement block the size of Jupiter. So, Bucket Lists, right? Everyone has one. Bucket Lists are the subject of multiple forms of entertainment—for instance, the movie so cleverly dubbed "The Bucket List." I was pretty sure that I had one of my own, but I never actually wrote it down. So I figured, what's the best way to top last year? Make a Bucket List. Finish it. And become one step closer to a Lifetime movie based on my life (IT WILL HAPPEN). But to amp up the generally craziness, I figured why not post about it? It’s not like sharing my extremely embarrassing and awkward life with the world is anything new.

And thus, Blogging My Bucket List was born.

Now, for those who are like "AYY YO GURR WHAT ABOUT BOYS AND EVERYBODY AND BOYS???" Fret not, my dear little sparkle-unicorns. You’ll still hear all the inevitably awkward situations that will commence between me and members of the opposite sex.

But, as the title implies, the Bucket List will be the main subject. I spent many an hour thinking reaally hard. I mean, REEAALLY HARD. Finally, after many days of sweat, blood, tears and countless sleepless nights, I finally pumped out a Bucket List consisting of 37 items:

1)     Go to Hogwarts. Hogwarts is real, people. HOGWARTS IS REAL.

2)     FLASH MOB!!

3)     Go skiing.

4)     Be involved in some sort of high-speed chase.

5)     Be an extra in a movie.

6)     Serenade someone.

7)     Talk in a Russian accent for an entire day.

8)     Kiss a British boy. (You know, because kissing a boy is obviously too easy for me, I had to challenge myself by making him British.)

9)     Go to a club. (My friends insisted that I put it on here.)

10)  Make a video, put it on YouTube and do everything humanly possible to make it an internet sensation.

11)  Be chased in a labyrinth-like building by intimidating henchman, preferably with guns.

12)  Talk in Shakespearian language for a whole day.

13)  Write a legit song.

14)  Stake out someone’s house while wearing all black, decked out with top-notch creeping gear.

15)  Provide romantic background music for a random couple on an awkward date, just to make it more awkward.

16)  Sing on a professional stage.

17)  Learn how to shoot a gun.

18)  Write a nonsensical angst-y teenage song that’s really stupid and see if it becomes popular.

19)  Run after a car in a very dramatic manner.

20)  Experience a real college party. (Once again, my friends also insisted on putting this one on here.)

21)  Learn how to play the drums.

22)  TP someone’s house.

23)  Pose like a statue in a public place and let all chaos ensue when everyone realizes I’m a person.

24)  Become fluent in some fictional language, such as Elvish.

25)  Become an epic super hero and defend the defenseless. Perhaps with a super hero name and costume..?

26)  Learn to play the guitar.

27)  Dance in a very public place in the most embarrassing manner possible.

28)  Make a TOTALLY AWESOME musical/play and put it on YouTube.

29)  Tie some random stranger's untied shoelace.

30)  Have an epic, ridiculously intense water gun fight in a public park.

31)  Do the Krispy Kreme Challenge at some point. (The Krispy Kreme Challenge is when you run, then eat 12 donuts and run right after that.)

32)  Go to London and find Mr. Darcy OR Robbie, from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen that movie yet, watch it NOW.)

33)  Bring joy to child whose happiness has been crushed in some manner.

34)  Recreate a famous scene from a book, a movie, or a play in a very public place and see what happens.

35)  Ghost someone. (This is when you follow some random person in a manner that almost pops their bubble, but not quite, so it takes a while for them to notice. And when they notice, you run away giggling like a teenie-bopper at a JB concert.)

36)  Go to Chicago to find and/or meet the Starkids.

37)  Go to see a Broadway play.

So there it is. I might add some stuff if anyone gives me more good ideas for the list (hint alert).

Now that I’ve actually typed it out, it seems scarier than Umbridge. And I feel like it’s so impossible that I’ll be in the corner of my room in the fetal position before two weeks have gone by...

No, no Talie. This isn’t impossible. I mean, I finished the Boy Diet, right? This should be a piece of cake in comparison…

Commence hyperventilating now.

Talie :)

Do you think Talie can do it? Can you help her? Leave advice in the comments below!

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