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SparkNotes and Bring You... Teens for Jeans!

SparkNotes and Bring You... Teens for Jeans!

Did your New Year's Resolution have something to do with Being a Better Person?

Ehem, ours too. So this year, we've become buds with the awesome people (seriously, each one of them has the cutest haircut we've ever seen) at

From the moment we Sparkitors met them, it was true, mushy, volunteering lurrrrve. They told us about their campaigns—all of which are perfect for teens because they're local, free, and you can do them without a boring adult around.

And TODAY, TO—DAY, marks the beginning of the Teens for Jeans campaign, in which you can donate gently used jeans to your nearest Aeropostale. All of the jeans Aero collects will go to homeless teens. You can donate individually or get your whole school involved for a chance to win $5,000. BUT THAT'S ENOUGH FROM US, let DEMI LOVATO tell you the rest!

We want YOU to get involved in Teens for Jeans so we can hear your volunteering stories! Send Teens for Jeans-related blog posts and photos to Your stories will motivate other Sparklers and Manklers around the country to help out!

Check back to our new Help Out! section for updates on Teens for Jeans. Now, go clean out your closet!

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