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Annoying Things That Happen at the Mall

Annoying Things That Happen at the Mall

We think Ceci has had a serious of terrible shopping trips... —Sparkitors

You've experienced it: that complex haven of weird smells, creepy stares, and bad fashion (no, I'm not talking about your little brother). The shopping mall. It's amazing, it's fun, it's a great place to hang out, and it makes me want to pound my face into a wall. Here are some things that drive me crazy about the shopping mall...

  • Trying to chase Santa down on his coffee break to get free pictures, only to get hauled off by security guards and put on the naughty list.
  • Finding something that would make an incredible gift and is really cheap, but then realizing you were looking at the price tag upside-down.
  • Accidentally picking the weird cart that turns left and takes herculean force to push
  • Falling over and getting marched on by eager shoppers while trying to pull up your socks.
  • Waiting in a line for 40 minutes before realizing that the line doesn't lead anywhere.
  • Hurrying through an automatic door, only to find that the door doesn't open, causing you to bash your head on the door and fall over. And get trampled, again.
  • Getting your shoe stuck in an escalator.
  • Spending 2 hours shopping and 40 minutes in line at the checkout, only to remember that you left your wallet at home.
  • Going to a toy store and getting attacked by small children demanding candy.
  • Setting off the security alarm at the front of the store by accident, but thinking it's the fire alarm, running outside and getting tackled by very unfriendly security guards.
  • Getting lost in the maze of shops and dying.
  • Getting stalked by a creepy guy wearing socks and sandals who calls himself "One of Santa's little helpers."
  • Finally escaping, only to realize that it was all a dream and you have to go back again.

What do YOU hate about the mall?

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