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Stuff Our Inner-Feminist Wants More of in 2012

Stuff Our Inner-Feminist Wants More of in 2012

Are you hesitant to use the "F" word? (No, not that one, you dork. Get your mind of of the gutter. We're talking about "feminism.") Well, don't be! 2011 had some great gal stuff going on all up in it. Of course, there was some bleh gal stuff, too—but let's just agree to multiply the below awesomeness by a million so that 2012 is even better. Can we do that? Yes, let's. Gentlewomen, broads, ladies, dames, people who happen to identify with traits that are traditionally associated with female gender… let the parade of dope stuff begin:

1) Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation): She's a whip-smart over-achiever. She's the fastest waffle-eater in the tri-state area. She has a best friend who is truly the love of her life. She doesn't care about shoes, and she proudly owns her goofball-itude. As long as there are still sitcoms out there that continually perpetuate the whole "ladiez nag so much and are stoopid and oh my god the wimmenz hate morning breath and never wanna eat stuff," then we will be singing Leslie Knope's praises until we are hoarse.

And while we're at it …

2) Amy Poehler and the comedy goddesses of the Emmy Awards.: Can we talk about this? At the time, everyone swooned about Amy Poehler, Tiny Fey, Melissa McCarthy and the other Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominees all getting up on stage like it was time to talk about world peace at the Miss America pageant. But it seems apropos to do it here again in this awesome-ladyfuntime roundup. Lesson learned: Support your friends. Always and forever. Wear rad dresses when you can. Glitter, glitter, glitter.

3) Kotex: The ad campaign started in 2010, but in 2011 it really made the grade. Kotex, you ole so-and-so! Who truly understood why tampon commercials always had a bunch of twirly women dancing around, dressed all in white, anyway? The U by Kotex campaign did not, and thereby shut it down. Nice work.

4) Miss Representation: Its extended trailer is enough to make you sit in silence, thinking, for at least another 8 minutes. This film from director Jennifer Siebel Newsom tackles how women's bodies/sexuality are commoditized in our country. Check out the site itself for more info and where to catch the full-length flick —or, get deets on how to host your own screening!

5) Elizabeth Warren: Politics, schmolitics. No matter whose side you're on (or maybe you're not on a side at all or maybe you're experimenting with sides and will decide at a later date), we can all agree smart women making waves is something we want more of, right? Yeah.

Feminism for the win!

Which badass girls and hilarious heroines do you want to see more of in 2012? We're all about Katniss, Tina Fey on 30 Rock, and every single one of you witty, winsome Sparklers!

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