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Why British TV is the Bomb Dot Com

Why British TV is the Bomb Dot Com

Nicole_Lyn is trying to convert us all into Brit-obsessed fangirls. We don't know about you, but we are SOLD.—Sparkitors

Guys, we need to talk about BBC. Ah yes, the good old the British Broadcasting Corporation (I totally didn’t have to look up what the acronym meant), the channel that allows all us normal Yanks to enjoy the best of British television. I feel as though I need to spread the love to all of the poor, unfortunate souls out there who have yet to embrace the sheer and utter awesomeness that is British programming, so here are some British shows that you absolutely must watch at some point, that point being NOW:

Sherlock: Most Sparklers are already aware of this show's existence due to the totally justified amounts of Benedict Cumberbatch fan-girling found on this sight. It takes place in an awesome alternate universe where everything is pretty much exactly the same—except for the fact that the Sherlock Holmes stories were never written and are instead happening in the present. So Sherlock and Watson (played by the incredibly Martin Freeman) and Lestrade are all there, except they’ve been brought into the twenty-first century. And it’s amazing. My only complaint: the second season isn’t out yet, and it left off on the worst, most tense cliffhanger imaginable.

Jekyll: I should talk about Steven Moffat. He's a writer for a fair amount of British shows, and he is the BEST. He wrote for Sherlock, Jekyll, Doctor Who, and he also co-wrote the new Tintin movie. If you see his name on something you know it’s going to be good. And that brings us to Jekyll! The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book exists in this show (unlike Sherlock)—in fact, its existence is key to the plot. It’s about Tom Jackman and his wife (played by Sophie from Leverage) as they deal with ordinary things. Ordinary things like Tom’s super badass and crazy split personality that convinced me that James Nesbitt should play the Irish Joker.

Misfits: It’s like X-Men, if the X-Men were hilarious 20-something delinquents with British accents. How could you not want to watch that? To elaborate, the show is about Nathan, Simon, Curtis, Kelly, and Alisha—five London trouble-makers who fall victim to the all-powerful plot device: a storm that gives them superpowers based off of their personalities. It's dark, witty, and totally believable, even when it's absurd. Plus, you can watch some of the episodes on Hulu! So you have no excuse not to watch it!

Psychoville: This is like Spoilers the TV Show; I can’t really say much about it because divulging anything more than the most basic amount of information would give stuff away. It’s a really dark comedy show about a group of five people in different parts of England who all get messages from a mysterious blackmailer saying “I know what you did.” It’s like I Know What You Did Last Summer, except it’s good. To give you a hint of the show’s humor (or "humour," as the Brits spell it), here are some of the characters: a manchild obsessed with serial killers, a crotchety hook-handed children’s clown, a nurse who thinks dolls are babies, a dwarf who thinks he has super powers, and a crazy librarian who hallucinates that a creepy singer is following him around.

Every Book Adaptation Miniseries Ever: If the Brits are remembered for one thing in this world, let them be remembered for their stunning television adaptations of classical literature. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Thornbirds, Robin Hood, 1984, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Bleak House: all of these and more were turned into awesome television miniseries that are short enough to watch in one day but amazing enough to lodge themselves in your heart for eternity. Case in point: I hate Wuthering Heights. Hate it. When I’m forced to read a book I don’t like, I say to myself, “At least I’m not reading Wuthering Heights.” But the Wuthering Heights BBC miniseries? Amazing. I love it. If that doesn't convince you, nothing else will.

We are HUGE fans of Sherlock and Misfits, and we can't wait to check out the rest of these shows! Do you like British TV? Which shows are your favorite?

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