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The Perks and Perils of Being a Trumpet Player

The Perks and Perils of Being a Trumpet Player

hannah_potter presents the pros and cons of playin' the brass!—Sparkitors

Being a trumpet player has its ups and downs, but most of the time, I absolutely love it. After you read about the perks, you may just want to try the trumpet out for yourself!

Perk: Believe it or not, playing the trumpet can keep you in shape. You blow air through your diaphragm and that makes you flex, gaining these little squares on your stomach. Don’t worry, that’s normal! They’re called abs. (Yes, band geeks can have abs. Trust me, the drumline likes to take their shirts off when it’s hot at band camp and…well, what happens at band camp stays at band camp.)

Peril: After playing for too long, your jaw begins to hurt. You have to do these complicated (not really) jaw exercises and move it around and you look kinda weird but you ARE so it’s okay.

Perk: The trumpet is a multi-purpose tool. You can make music with it, you can blast it into your little brother’s ear when he's annoying you, it’s a great stress reliever when you’re mad, etc.

Peril: Pucker-lips. All trumpet players should know this unofficial term. Learn it now, it’ll be essential to your band-geek career. Pucker lips are the result of a long time playing the trumpet continuously. Your lips keep wanting to creep into this awkward puckering position and you get a ring-shaped indent in your lips from shoving the mouthpiece against your lips.

Perk: You're a good kisser. It doesn’t matter if you’re NBK or not, it’s just determined. As a trumpet player, you exercise your lip muscles while you’re playing. You’re good at adjusting your lips to the right position to fit your mouthpiece. Face it, you could go out and kiss your crush right now and they would love you forever. You know why? Because you’re a spectacular kisser.

Anyone else play the trumpet? Do you have any perks or perils to add to the list?

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