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The HOBBIT Trailer! (It's About to Get NERDY Up In This Joint)

The HOBBIT Trailer! (It's About to Get NERDY Up In This Joint)

GEEKS, REJOICE: the time has come to bust out your Gandalf costume and do Tolkien shuffle (it looks a little like the Macarena, but with less hip action and more swordplay), because the epic trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit has just been released. If you're anything like me, you've been jonesing for more LOTR since 2003, when The Return of the King concluded the best film trilogy of all time—and at long last, our wait is over (or it will be next December, when the film finally comes out). Check out the trailer below, and after you finish jumping up and down and shout-wheezing the words "ONE TRAILER TO RULE THEM ALL!" over and over, get back here and tell me what you thought.

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BEST THING EVER, RIGHT?! Here are my immediate reactions:

-MARTIN FREEMAN RIDING THAT TINY PONY. I can't write anything else here, because I don't want to spoil the surprise package I sent to his house (hint: it's me, in a refrigerator box, dressed like Sexy Frodo, a costume which entails rolling my pant legs up to expose 3 solid inches of actual knee, unbuttoning TWO buttons of my vest, and smiling woefully).

-Are there too many dwarves? Is there even such a thing as too many dwarves, or are dwarves sort of like boneless buffalo chicken tenders, in that you can never truly have enough of them?

-Thorin Oakenshield and Gabe from The Office—EXACT SAME PERSON? I think the similarities there are startling.

-Is there some lovin' going on between Gandalf and Cate Blanchett? What's with all the hair touching? If they make out, I can't be held responsible for the dry-heaving that will occur.

-IMDB has just informed me that Benedict Cumberbatch is in this movie. WHAT?! WHERE? IS HE IN THE TRAILER?! WHY ISN'T HE IN THE TRAILER?!

-If this movie was just 6 hours of these dudes (plus Aragorn, obviously) riding horses across New Zealand, I would still see it. In fact, I would see it 80 times, and then go back for more.

Are you totally freaking out about this movie? Does it seem like everything you hoped it would be?

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