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Must-See Christmas Specials

Must-See Christmas Specials

Because you can only watch the Peanuts Christmas special so many times, Ney_Ney92 offers a list of awesome alternatives! –Sparkitors

Greetings Sparklers and Manklers! The holidays are here, and do you guys know what that means? Food! No, wait, not food! Well, OK, yes. Food. Lots of it. But what else?

Christmas specials! That's right, Christmas specials. Exams? Psssh, who cares when you have holiday specials? Working to save money for holiday gifts? Haha NO! Not naming names, but some people live for those awesome, often ancient holiday specials that begin airing on TV the minute Thanksgiving has ended. But there are so many to choose from, right? Fear not, fair Sparklers, Manklers, and Sploggers! Nobody, but NOBODY, is a bigger holiday special snob than moi. Allow me to be of some assistance:

1. Mickey's Christmas Carol: Ohhhh, you guys. This special is as good as it gets! I am an admitted Disney snob, and this special rules. If you can't tell by the giveaway title, this is Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol featuring Scrooge McDuck, a greedy Englishman (er, English duck) who does not know the true meaning of Christmas. Fortunately, he has Bob Cratchit (Mickey Mouse), Jacob Marley (Goofy), and the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Jiminy Cricket), Present (Willie the Giant), and Future (Pete...except more terrifying) to help him out!

2. Miracle on 34th Street: A classic if I ever saw one! This movie was made in 1947, and involves a little girl, Susan (Natalie Wood), who insists that the department store Santa Claus at Macy's is the real deal. Her mother is skeptical, but the little girl convinces her babysitter from next door that the man is really Santa Claus. Is the man in the costume, coincidentally named Kris Kringle, the real deal? This movie's been re-made, but I watch the one in black and white for extra old-timeyness. I also like it because of the nostalgia factor of 1940s America. Not that I was alive back then, but it just seems like such a simpler time compared to the hustle and bustle of 2011 America. Right? *crickets* RIGHT?

3. White Christmas: The nostalgia train continues! Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star in this 1954 flick about two WWII buddies who travel to an inn in Vermont to follow a sister act featuring Rosemary Clooney (yes, she's George's aunt) and Vera Ellen. The inn is run by the former general from Crosby and Kaye's army days, but it's about to be shut down. It may take these four amazing singers to save the inn! Yes, Sparklers, it's a musical! It features such awesome songs such as "We'll Follow the Old Man," my personal favorite, "Sisters," and "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing," among many others.

4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: This one's a no-brainer. It's 12:30 a.m. as I write this, and I am absolutely exhausted—but if you put this special on right now, I'd watch it in its entirety. I think you guys know what it's about: "Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" Who else loves Clarice's (Rudolph's girlfriend) song, "There's Always Tomorrow?" This movie is pretty much made of awesome, with a side of Yukon Cornelius and Herbie the wannabe dentist. Side note: does anyone else think Santa's kind of cruel to Rudolph and the elves in this special? This one teaches us to be accepting of those who are different—it's a great lesson for the holidays!

5. A Christmas Story: This movie isn't exactly plot heavy, but it's awesome. Shot in Cleveland, Ohio, it stars Ralphie, an average little boy who just wants a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. But he'll shoot his eye out! Yeah, that's pretty much the whole movie. It's classic scenes include Ralphie's dad and his leg lamp; Ralphie's little brother, Randy, refusing to eat; and Ralphie getting hilariously gypped on his Ovaltine Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pen. This is also set in the 1940s, but it was released in 1983.

6.National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Some comic relief to close, Sparklers. Ahhh, the Griswolds: truly the most hilarious family ever. After wreaking havoc in Wally World and Europe in 1983 and 1985, respectively, the Christmas season comes upon our misfit family in 1989. Of course, a million hilarious events ensue: Clark Griswold (played by Chevy Chase) covers his entire house with Christmas lights, but none of them work. The Griswolds' house is flooded with their terrible extended family. The Christmas tree they get is actually a pine tree that the Griswolds literally pulled out of the ground by the roots, and it's so big, they can't get it inside—and when they finally do, they realize there's something living inside it, waiting to strike. In the end, even the Griswolds realize the spirit of Christmas isn't about 10 billion strings of lights, irritating relatives, and massive trees—it's about family. Even when you're family is kind of terrible.

Merry Christmas (or your holiday of choice) to all, and to all a very happy viewing!

What's your required holiday viewing?

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