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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is HERE!

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is HERE!

BATMAN IS BACK, butts, and he's BADDER than ever. After I watched the brand new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, I couldn't decide whether to drool, do a victory hip-thrust, or foam a the mouth—so I did all three. While wearing a homemade Batman costume. It wasn't pretty.

Because the trailer is so new, it isn't available to embed yet, so you'll have to click HERE to watch it. After you do, get back over to SparkLife and tell us what you thought:

Don't you want to adopt Michael Caine as your fake British grandpa?

Do you think Anne Hathway has the cajones to pull off Catwoman? After hearing her smoldering, seemingly boat-themed speech to Christian Bale, do you totes want to use the phrase "batten down the hatches" as a pick-up line?

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT. (That one wasn't a question.)

What is everyone chanting? It sounds like "JK MALO MALO" or maybe "Take your shirt off, Batman!" Someone with really good hearing, figure out the answer and get back to us.

THAT PART WHERE THE STADIUM FIELD COLLAPSES. (Not a question either. We're just totally in awe.)

-What does Bane say to Christian Bale? He talks like he's wearing 8 retainers. ENUNCIATE, BANE.


Man oh man, we wish this movie came out tomorrow. Do you think this looks like the best Batman yet?

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