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How To Recover After Bombing An Exam

How To Recover After Bombing An Exam

Purplepheonix has the perfect recipe for getting over your failure. What we want to know is, does this work for things besides exams? —Sparkitors

We've all been there: you spend days pouring over your books, painstakingly taking notes, reviewing flash card after flash card. And yet, when you leave the exam room, you already know that none of your preparation mattered.

Maybe the questions were about obscure details.  Maybe the word was on the tip of your tongue, but you just couldn't find it.  Or maybe you spent too much time on SparkLife instead of studying.  At the end of the day, three facts remain: 1) You bombed it. 2) You feel like crap. 3) You never want to see another textbook again.  In light of my recent psychology exam failure, I present to you this cure for post-exam depression:

  1. Rant to those who failed alongside you. Be sure to avoid those obnoxious few who go on about how easy the exam was.  Bemoan your Professor, the class, and the subject.  Share your suffering.  Remember, you are not alone.
  2. Consume copious amounts of chocolate. Hey, if it can cure the effects of dementors, what can't it do? Plus, J.K. Rowling based dementors on her personal experiences with depression.  So there you go, chocolate is practically a scientific cure!
  3. Watch something that will require little to no brain activity. I recommend any Will Ferrell movie. Not thinking for a couple hours is exactly what your brain needs to unwind.
  4. Watch something that will restore your humor and faith in humanity. My personal favourite is The Princess Bride, but there are others. Whatever it is for you, it should cheer you up and make you see the light: once you've survived two terrors of the Fire Swamp, chances are you can survive the third (AKA, life will go on).
  5. Sleep. Hopefully your jaw has un-clenched enough by now that you can further the relaxation process with a few hours of peaceful slumber.
  6. Wake up and study for your next exam. Or not.  After all, this recovery process is actually rather enjoyable.  You might just want to do it again.  Or you might have to.

What do you do when you know you failed?

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