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How to Host a Writing Marathon!

How to Host a Writing Marathon!

litchick1984 has the perfect plan to get you into the teachers' lounge—and all you need is a pencil and paper!–Sparkitors

If you've never taken a creative writing class, I strongly urge you to do so. You get to write when you want and how you want. The best part may be the activities you get to take part in. This past week, my class participated in The National Writing Project tradition of a Writing Marathon. Unlike customary marathons, writing marathons are not exactly a race. In fact, quite the opposite. The objective of the marathon is to strengthen writing skills and to absorb your surroundings and turn them into inspiration. Basically, you get to run to random parts of your school and write whatever you want, whether it’s a poem, the beginning of a novel, or just observations. Sounds amazing, right? Our class collaborated with a few other English classes and split up into groups. In these groups we would choose where to write and then share our writing (if we wanted to).

The rules were pretty simple:

1. If anyone asks, say you're a writer.
That means if you encounter that crotchety teacher (y’know, the one that doesn’t allow anyone to roam the hallways on their watch, as if it was their purpose on earth to make sure no student is out of class, ever) you are allowed to say: “Hall Pass you ask? I don’t need one. I’m a writer!” and happily skip off, away from the old fart.

2. For each location you write in, your time should grow: 5 minutes for the first location, 7 minutes for the next, 10 for the next, etc. When finished at one location, move to the next. As a group, you get to choose a location anywhere on school property (as long as teachers are allowed entrance)! Want to go to that secret attic above the janitor’s closet? Sure! Feel like visiting the coveted teacher’s lounge? Do it up!

3. Write until you run out of time, then share if you desire to, but do NOT respond to others writings. At the end of sharing, instead of clapping, snap.

Once you get to your location, your chaperone teacher sets a timer and you start writing! When the timer goes off you can share or pass. Snaps for everyone! No criticism allowed!

4. Have fun! YEAH! Our class brought in snacks too! Brownies! NOM! My group was so much fun and we went to the weirdest places, including a creepy loft above the school’s stage (it was so dark we could barely even tell what we were writing). So spread the word! Ask/beg your teachers to do this! It is definitely worthwhile. All you need is a writing utensil and a notebook!

We love this idea! Maybe the Sparkitors will sneak into the janitor's closet and have a writing marathon of our own. Do you want to try this out with your creative writing class?

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