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Excuses for the 8 Habits You'll Never Break in High School

Excuses for the 8 Habits You'll Never Break in High School

But what if you don't WANT to give up your childish habits? Selemi says you don't have to! –Sparkitors

Alright guys, you're in high school now, and you know what that means: time to find weird excuses for all the kiddie things you still do to make yourself appear to be your actual age! The next time someone says you’re acting like a child, try putting them off with one of these explanations. You’ll make believers out of them all.

1. Letting Your Mom Dress You: Lets face it, if you have a stylish mom like me, there will be times when you HAVE to accept her good advice. (Plus, if you accept her advice from time to time, she’ll let you wear cute vintage clothes from when she was in high school!)

2. Going to bed at 8: Koalas sleep between 20 and 22 hours per day. This gives them poison-defying superpowers! Who doesn’t want super powers?

3. Having Play Dates: Play dates with toddlers let you get in touch with your inner child and stop you from turning into a taxpaying/bill-paying/no-fun adult. You get to build with blocks, crawl around, talk in single-word sentences, and relax. AND when you have a play date with a toddler, their parents give you money. They think you’re babysitting—silly adults!

4. Misusing they’re, their, and there. Another fun one is weird vs. wierd. It's not that you don’t know the right way to spell these, it's that you simply choose not to conform to society’s laws! Because if we conform, we might become Boxer!

5. Sucking your thumb: I have a friend who sucked his thumb well into his high school years. This has not prevented him from doing well and getting into an awesome college.

6. Watching Disney Channel: No, just, no. Who can imagine life without the classic Suite Life of Zack and Cody, jealousy-evoking Phineas and Ferb, and cute ol’ Selena Gomez? Seriously, I want to find dodo birds and build roller coasters! (Since Disney Channel is a corporation, they probably have superb human psychology experts that caused you to get sucked into their shows. There is no way to kick this habit. The Psychologists are Watching You!)

7. Wearing  Middle School T-shirts/ Sweatshirts: Mine still fit!  (Shrinks back from the short jokes.) Plus, they’re great conversation-starters.

8. Wearing Crocs: What do you mean, they’re gardening shoes? I’ve worn crocs. Sometimes they can look really adorable. Focus on the adorableness of it all! Besides, when you’ve successfully not quit the other 7 childish habits, you need to top off your behavior with appropriate shoes. You’ve earned it!

What do you refuse to give up just because you go to grown-up school?

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