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Confession: I'm a Fan of Kristen Stewart (Hear Me Out!)

Confession: I'm a Fan of Kristen Stewart (Hear Me Out!)

FINALLY, someone who understands our KStew girl crush. THANK YOU, musicmaker191, for speaking up!—Sparkitors

I know what you’re thinking. “Kristen Stewart?! She’s the enemy! She’s a Twi-hard! She has an IQ of three and a half!” Well, none of those things are not true (I think).

Let me back up and say that I really hate Twilight. Granted, not enough to go to Stephanie Meyer’s house and ask her what drugs she was on when she established a plot based on teen vampire romance, but enough to scoff at it whenever it's brought up in conversation.

This hatred of Twilight was enough to make me hate KStew—that, plus the slew of jokes on the internet that mocked her acting talents and seeming inability to finish a sentence.

Anyways, I found all of this quite funny. I still do, actually. But a couple weeks ago I watched the movie Speak, based of the book by Laurie Halse Anderson. The lead actress was—you guessed it—Kristen Stewart. And you know what? It was really good. In my opinion, Kristen did a fantastic job as Melissa. I also saw part of The Runaways and was very impressed.

Of course, I’m not a movie critic. I am a passionate thespian, however, and I know good acting when I see it. Kristen Stewart is a good actress. And what I realized was that even though she has about 0.5 facial expressions in Twilight, that could very well be because she is playing a terrible character. Bella has no personality—so, to be honest, based off of the book, Kristen plays Bella to a T. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not too sure how Kristen would perform in a romantic comedy, playing someone who was mentally stable and had a bubbly personality. But hey, you never know.

There’s also the big fuss about Kristen Stewart being clumsy and awkward and not finishing her sentences—which is true. But to be honest, it’s pretty relatable. We all feel shy and nervous sometimes, and I sorta like that Kristen owns up to it. She doesn't try to be someone she's not; she embraces the awkward. She’s not that good with interviews, but you know what? She knows it! And she knows that people make fun of her for it, and she makes fun of herself. There’s nothing more likable than a celebrity who makes fun of themselves, am I right?

I guess I’m also a little bit biased because one of my friends looks a lot like Kristen Stewart. But oh, there’s another reason! Kristen doesn’t try too hard to look pretty. She cares more about her career than about what primer eyeshadow to wear on her eyelid crease to offset her red Alexander McQueen cocktail dress. Because honestly, who CARES?

I’m not saying that you should go and worship her. Or that you have to like Twilight. I mean, I still think it’s garbage. But hey, maybe now you’ll think, “Kristen Stewart seems pretty cool. Maybe I’ll give her a chance.”

TEAM KSTEW, ALL THE WAY. And may we just say, for the billionth time, that we CANNOT WAIT for her next movie. Did musicmaker's arguments win you over?

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