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All These Things Are Worse Than Finals

All These Things Are Worse Than Finals

Dewds, finals suuuuuuuck. It is a fact of the universe. These exams are a semester's worth of procrastinating and cramming rolled into one heinous test fest that leaves you mentally exhausted, emotionally numb, and with a quarter-sized ulcer in your stomach lining from your steady diet of gas station coffee and stale Doritos from the library vending machine. And all you want to do is finish them and get home so you can sleep through your winter break and eat your weight in candy canes and pineapple-coated Christmas ham. We understand. But it could be worse. Much worse. Just consider these 27 things that are worse than finals:

  1. Famine.
  2. Plague.
  3. Moving.
  4. Aquaman the video game.
  5. Realizing your sister ate the last of the Halloween candy you had hidden in your closet.
  6. Hangnails. The really bad ones that hurt.
  7. That scene in Black Swan.
  8. A brown recluse spider bite.
  9. Shrimp pizza.
  10. Pouring a bowl of cereal and then realizing there is no milk.
  11. A hair halfway through your sandwich.
  12. No toilet paper in a bus bathroom.
  13. Emily Winter's humiliating period story.
  14. Get-to-know-each-other games.
  15. Poison ivy.
  16. Riding an elevator with your ex.
  17. Riding an elevator with your ex and his/her new BF/GF.
  18. Having to read and blog the entire Twilight series. ('Mirite, DBerg?)
  19. Natural disasters.
  20. Being bored out of your gourd.
  21. Finding out that your SO is your cousin.
  22. Losing your brand new iPhone.
  23. The possible cancellation of Community.
  24. Totaling your go-kart.
  25. Being dumped.
  26. Being dumped by your cousin.
  27. A SparkLife blackout.

Now there. Aren't you grateful for finals?

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