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You Can Buy Bella's Wedding Dress (and Look at Emma's)

You Can Buy Bella's Wedding Dress (and Look at Emma's)

We all know K Beef Stew is breathtaking in black, but it's the white wedding dress she wore in the new Twilight movie that's got the internet in hysterics today.

That's because YOU, yes YOU, can purchase a replica of the dress for a mere $799. It'll only take you an eternity to pay it off from your lemonade stand, which, if you marry a vampire, will work out just fine.

Check out the dress, here on Jezebel. We love the lacy back, but not half as much as EMMA'S DRESS from her recent wedding! That's right Sparklebrains, feast thine eyes on the very first SPARKITOR WEDDING DRESS!!! (Should we force her to put up a slideshow of her big day?)

WEDDING DRESSES—What kind do you like?

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