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Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Famous Makeup Vlogger?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Famous Makeup Vlogger?

Do you luuuurve makeup? And being on camera? And being funny and famous and adored by all the internet people everywhere, forever?


OH WAIT, all of those things are ACTUALLY EXCELLENT. And now, we sparkly-butted Sparkitors are looking for our very own makeup tutorial SUPERSTAR to vlog for us at least once a week. IS THIS PERSON YOU? Oh boy, I hope so. This is exciting. Okay, okay already! Here's how to show us your stuff:

-CHECK YO SCHEDULE. Do you actually have time to be a famous SparkLife makeup vlogger? Really, truly, 100 percent yes definitely? If so, proceed to Bullet Point 2: Lost in New York.

-Film a short makeup tutorial vlog (3-8 minutes). Make it maximum amazing.

-Send a link to your tutorial (YouTube, vimeo, etc.) to by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29.

-That is all.

We can't wait to check out your makeup skills, hear your vloggy witticisms, and probably steal your style. Good luck, Sparklers, and thanks in advance for sending your videos!!!

Got questions? Leave 'em in the comments!

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