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How to Make Dan's Pumpkin Dessert Disc

How to Make Dan's Pumpkin Dessert Disc

Traditional desserts such as apple pie and pecan pie are OK, but isn’t it time for some new tasty treats to end a delicious Thanksgiving meal? Using my prodigious baking knowledge and a pantry filled with wonder, I was able to create a brand new dessert dish.

Unlike fancy restaurants and chefs who guard secret recipes with their lives, I’m sharing my secret formula with everyone!

First I bake a regular pumpkin pie, and then…well…you’ll just have to watch.

Grab a napkin. You will drool.

Please Note: I didn’t clearly explain the oven part. I baked both pies at 425 degrees for fifteen minutes, then reduced the heat to 350 degrees and continued to bake for another hour.

And speaking of nonsense videos, don’t forget that tonight I’ll be live-blogging New Moon on Facebook starting at 8 p.m. (est). (Ed note: Dan was supposed to do the live-blog on SparkNotes, but we accidentally broke the post. To those who don't have FB, SORRY!!)

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