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Blogging NaNoWriMo: Time Crunch!

Blogging NaNoWriMo: Time Crunch!

Dumblydorr delivers an update on her NaNoWriMo experience—which may or may not include MURDER.—Sparkitors

Hello again, Sparklies!

It's been an action-packed week for me. On the bright side, I am having lots of fun; on the down side, the amount of work I am doing right now is RIDICULOUS. And I do not use the word “ridiculous” lightly.

Anyways, my NaNoWriMo and I had an unfortunate lover's spat this week. I told it that I was tired of it and that I was too lazy to write, and it told me that it never loved me much anyways. We didn't speak for an entire two days, but then we made up and went on a nice romantic picnic, so now everything's okay. We're even talking about getting me that engagement ring it promised me!

I did, however, get very bored of one of my characters, so I killed him. His name was Angus, and I got so annoyed at him that I threw him off the top of a building during an epic battle with a Four-Throated Bat Wailer (a batlike creature that sings its victims to sleep). I then ended up just not mentioning him again, because there were much more exciting things to discuss, like a magical cape that predicts the weather!

I'm doing my very best to get ahead on my word count because my school has scheduled a four-day field trip during November. I'm looking forward to it (let's just say that it's to a nice —a very nice place), but I'm stressed out, thinking that I'll end up walking around with my fake iPad, muttering stuff about words and killing characters and how I feel like stabbing someone.

Fellow Classmate: Hey there! Dumblydorr! What're you doing?

Dumblydorr: Writing. Go away.

Fellow Classmate: Guess what? Guess what? We're going down to the beach and there's turtles!

Dumblydorr: I don't care. Must write.

Fellow Classmate: But there's turtle babies!

Dumblydorr: Good. Go away.

Fellow Classmate: SEA TURTLE BABIES!

Dumblydorr: I'm going to strangle you.

So, yes, this is my probable future living under the curse of NaNoWriMo. As we can see, I get unnecessarily violent. However, I'm trying to get as far ahead as possible now that I have time to write (Ha! Time!). I'm currently two thousand words ahead, so if I just work really, really hard this weekend, I can finish!

Except my best friend in the entire world is coming tomorrow, to stay the entire weekend with me, and I don't want to write.

On a side-note, does everyone have a title? I have no titles, but I have ideas about covers. I sit and doodle book covers sometimes (always) when I'm in a super-easy class and don't need to pay attention (when I'm in French and don't understand anything and have no idea what the “subjonctif" is). In fact, it's come to a point that every time I come to a new setting and start describing it, I go “HEY! This would make a super awesome cover idea! I'm going to sketch it now!” And then I get side-tracked and end up writing till 3 AM.

And did you guys know that if you win, you get five free paperback copies of your novel? Who else is going to sell them on Ebay for fifty thousand dollars each?

Lastly, take a look at this really cool interview with the author of Eat Pray Love (mainly for us writing nerds.) Check it out, Sparklies. There's some awesome ideas being thrown around.

Words: 17,001

Day: 9

Will Dumblydorr be able to get any writing done this weekend? WHAT ABOUT THOSE BABY SEA TURTLES? How is your NaNoWriMo going?

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