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Thumbsucking and 8 Other Bad Habits You Need to Quit in High School

Thumbsucking and 8 Other Bad Habits You Need to Quit in High School

sksk3 is tired of the middle school trends that carry over into high school. Do you agree? —Sparkitors

Alright guys, you're in high school now, and you know what that means: no more kid stuff. Well, at least, there needs to be a dramatic reduction in kid stuff—now you should be doing angsty-teen stuff! To give you an idea of what I mean, here are a few things that you definitely need to stop:

1. Letting your mom dress you. Now I admit that my mom has great style, but by high school, you should be picking out your own outfits. Especially when you go on dates; trust me, you do NOT want your mom dressing you then.

2. Going to bed at 8. Not that high schoolers don't wish we could get to sleep before 11, but you are not a true high schooler unless you are staying up until 12 in the morning doing homework. Or texting.

3. Having "play dates." It's called "hanging out" now, not play-dating. Ew, play-dating? That just sounds bad. Stop it. Now.

4. Using the wrong form of "there, they're, or their." I mean really, you've been learning this since at least fifth grade, and it's not that difficult of a concept.

5. Sucking your thumb. Wait, you actually still do that? Gross. Just gross. Go buy yourself a lifetime supply of lollipops or something.

6. Watching Disney Channel. I know it's hard—those shows are addictive for some reason. But you're just too old for them now. Except for Phineas and Ferb; no one will ever outgrow that.

7. Wearing you middle school sweatshirts. Those sweatshirts were never that cool, but now they're seriously lame. Give them to your younger brother or something.

8. Wearing crocks. They were never in style, unless you were a 40-year-old nurse, or an old lady with back problems.

9. Wearing crocks with middle school sweatshirts. Because combined, you will look like the biggest loser from Loser-topia.

What other habits have to go once you hit high school?

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