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Flynn vs. Naveen Rematch: We Were Wrong-o Dong-o

Flynn vs. Naveen Rematch: We Were Wrong-o Dong-o

You know, it's hard to be a Splogger. Sometimes you Sparklers are smarter than us, there are way more than you, and sometimes after a long day of splogging, Sploggers get achy all over even though we haven't even walked anywhere. We get exhausted. And sometimes we mess up.

Which is why we are ADMITTING WE WERE WRONG! (Did you hear that!?) We hosted rematch between Naveen and Flynn, and here are the results, based on your comments:


  • "Have you forgotten that he dies for Rapunzel? DIES? Is that cocky, self-centered, or kinda dumb? NO WAY!" -DemosthenesOSC
  • FLYNN CAN SMOLDER, GUYS. -facepalm27
  • Best personality -Half-Blood_Angel
  • His ego is a shield for his sensitive loving side -imlora
  • Changes in many ways and admits that sometimes he is wrong -simmysandhu
  • Flynn is at first presented as a cocky jerk, but it turns out he has a past as an ORPHAN named Eugene. EUGENE. How adorable can you get? He adopted his new persona to finally feel cool.  -NicholleTheNarwhal
  • Flynn was already a good person, he was just hiding it. That why he so totally WINS!!! -Little-Five
  • Flynn is adorable and hilarious -paradiselight
  • THE SMOLDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -~Extreme_Harry_Potter_Freak!~
  • Sure, he's kinda jerkish in the beginning, but it was just to hide his past, which he never wanted to remember! Also, if Flynn is resentful about Rapunzel changing him, wouldn't Naveen be resentful towards Tiana? -simmysandhu
  • I think Flynn should win hands down because he dies for Rapunzel, and technically doesn't even know she's a princess til the end of the movie and still loves her. -simmysandhu
  • He was only a thief to try to fulfill his orphan childhood dream of being a rich, well respected man. Second, he is only cocky to cover that sensitive past and look like a big tough guy. Rapunzel had to do no changing, just a little digging. -Azkadaz
  • Flynn would just be a cool guy to hang out with. I bet he has some amazing stories-even if a few are, let's face it, exaggerated a wee bit. -ayaya!!!


  • More of a butt -facepalm27
  • Just as cocky as Flynn -Half-Blood_Angel
  • Obnoxious -imlora
  • Naveen is a certifiable spoiled brat. He's run out of money and has come to American to marry a rich sap who will support his party lifestyle. Besides that, I completely agree with the notion that Naveen was forgettable. I didn't care about him. -NicholleTheNarwhal
  • How many times do u think Tiana has to nag him to get him to do anything. Love can change people, but not that much. -Little-Five
  • Prince Naveen is completely forgettable -paradiselight
  • Naveen made deals with a voodoo man. thats 10000x as dumb as anything flynn did! -voldysgonemoldy95
  • Flynn Rider moved me to tears. Prince Naveen made me want to punch him in the face for vast majority of the movie. -dream.catcher73223
  • I've only seen The Princess and the Frog once but Naveen came across as narcissistic, lazy, spoiled, and rude. He was obsessed with his looks and money. That's about it. -Azkadaz

So of course Flynn should win, when you put it like that. You were right. We were wrong. We're sorry! Do you still love us? But listen up: this doesn't mean Flynn is going to win the whole thing. There are still more matches to come, and Aladdin will probably bring his A game. Also, Darren Criss will not be in the contest. And for that we shall not back down.

Any other battles you'd like to challenge? Who do you think should win? Speak now, or forever hold your peace. (At least till Round 2.)

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