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My Week at Hogwarts

My Week at Hogwarts

You guys, I fear I'm not a very good Potterhead. Don't get me wrong, I'll destroy you in a trivia contest any day of the week, but when it comes to actually following through, I fall flat. For instance, my school had a Harry Potter themed week, and I didn't realize it until Wednesday.

It started Monday (of course). Completely unaware, I neglected to check my mailbox for the letter that everyone else received from Minerva McGonagall (instead of getting my mail, I was staying up till 3:30 working on studio art). The letter detailed the Extravaganza to be held on Friday, and the events during the week. I quote: “We expect you are already aware of the House Quidditch Tournament taking place throughout that week. Parents are reminded that first years are not allowed their own broomsticks.”

Tuesday, however, there was no excuse. On that day, I received a personalized Harry Potter letter from the Letter Writing Alliance (headed by my friend). Written on parchment, with fountain pen, sealed with a personalized wax seal, it was sent through Owl Post (supposedly), and was totally awesome. If only I could have read my friend's handwriting.

Wednesday, it finally hit me, probably because a couple Seekers interrupted my conversation with a friend, looking for the snitch, who happened to be getting lunch while dressed in all yellow. You never really realize how silly someone looks running around with a broomstick between his legs until you see it in person.

Thursday featured a Great Hall-themed dinner. Complete with “Ron's Rueben” (get it?! Because he hates corned beef?), “Cruccio Cheeseburgers (a bit morbid, if you ask me), and “Hagrid's Cake” (for display purposes only). I think they might have just made up alliterations for their regularly scheduled meal. The butterbeer was delicious, though. They also organized the tables in the dining hall into houses. We sat at Gryffindor (Ravenclaw didn't have any spots. Harumph.), and had a bunch of food thrown at us by the Slytherins. Punks. Highlight: About halfway through the meal, a guy wearing a makeshift turban sprinted down the hall, bellowing something about a troll in the dungeon. He thought we ought to know. (His performance was received with thunderous applause.) After dinner came the 6th movie, which was screened in the local cafe (apparently they had been showing them all week), and general procrastination.

Friday, was, dare I say, epic. Nothing special happened during the day (as long as you don't count the occasional Gryffindor tie in class), but the Extravaganza started at 8:30. We started getting our costumes together right after dinner, of course. I ended up being Bill this time (as you remember, I was Ginny for the premiere). Fang earring, leather jacket, ridiculously comfortable boy jeans, etc. We all headed to Ollivanders, where one of us got a wand and the others got candy/gypped. There were 4 pre-parties (one for each house, of course), all serving butterbeer (I guess it's not just strong for house-elves anymore) and had color-coordinated decorations in the form of christmas lights and the house crest. All four houses congregated in the Quad (which legitimately looks like the Great Hall), where the winner of the Quidditch tournament (Slytherin, if my memory serves correctly) and costume contest (a good friend of mine won as the Grey Lady) were announced. There were some pretty awesome costumes, though, including a not-so-modest Patronus, Gay Harry Potter (she had a fauxhawk, rainbox scar, and single earring in her right ear), Archie (he wore a pink women's nightgown under his overcoat. His Mario mustache added to the overall effect), Dobby (I'm a sucker for anyone having anything to do with Dobby), and Stumbledore. One of the off-campus houses, (including the Grey Lady, Gay Harry Potter, Professor Trelawney and the not-so-modest patronus) took a picture for their Christmas cards.

Ginger's Song of the Week: Sometimes I forget how awesome Jack White is. Then he plays piano.

Are you dying of jealousy??? We are!!!!

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