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You Know You're From Ireland When...

You Know You're From Ireland When...

MyHair'sOnFire is here to clear up the leprechaun confusion. Thank goodness for that! —Sparkitors

Contrary to popular belief, Irish people are not all red-haired leprechauns who live in thatched cottages made of potatoes. Some of us leprechauns have blonde hair! But if you're confused, here's a few more ways you can tell you're from the Emerald Isle:

  • Any day that it doesn't rain is a "nice" day.
  • You know that an Irish summer usually consists of 2% good weather and 98% slightly warmer rain than usual, so whenever the sun comes out, you go to the beach. And so does everyone else.
  • You drink at least three cups of tea a day.
  • People from other countries can never understand your accent/dialect. (Case in point: I once spent a good five minutes trying to order in a restaurant in America because I kept saying "chips" instead of "fries.")
  • When someone says "Any craic?" or "What's the craic?" they are not in fact looking for drugs, it's the Irish way of saying "What's up?" (Again, this has led to several awkward/hilarious misunderstandings.)
  • You say "aye" instead of "yes."
  • You know, and are probably related to, at least one Mary and one Paddy.
  • You've been to a ceili and you know that they're class craic! (ie. great fun!)
  • You know that we have the best chocolate milk in the entire world.
  • You're so pale, you've been known to get sunburnt through clouds.
  • You can't help but be proud that our last two entries in the Eurovision Song Contest were these guys ...and a talking turkey.
  • You grew up watching Father Ted, and know all the lyrics to "My Lovely Horse."
  • You've never actually tasted Lucky Charms.
  • You find it hilarious when American actors try to do Irish accents.

Are you Irish? Do you agree?

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